Set Galaxy S4/S5 & Note 4/3/2 as SECRET CAMERAS! [Must Watch Samsung users]

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NOTE: This trick also works on Galaxy S3, Mega 5.8 & 6.3, S4 mini – on almost all the latest Samsung SmartPhones. Just by following these 4-steps, you can secretly take photos with your Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 2. Hope you will enjoy this video and give a thumbs up!
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  1. Creepy. It's not secret at all, wouldn't fool me. So, you hold up the phone to your subject & say 'hello, how are you?' Followed by 'smile' (that shouts photo), 'capture' (plain weird) 'cheese' (just stupid). If they don't call the doctor they'll call the police. Why not just ask?

  2. I have an app that is completely hidden. What I did was set the capture on top of an app I never use. Then, whenever I want to take a secret photo, I act like I'm trying to open that app. What's cool is, it'll never use the flash, it'll auto adjust, and I have it set to make a quick vibrate when the picture has been taken successfully. Other than that, there is no way to tell if I took a picture, even if they are lookong at my screen!