Setup iPhone-like lockscreen notifications on Android

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Do you like the way iPhones have their notifications appear right on the lockscreen? In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily get those on your Android handset, no rooting required!


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  1. So this clown who can barely communicate in English manages to complete an entire video on this app without actually mentioning the name of the app. Congratulations on a giant waste of time, for everyone.

  2. I downloaded this app on my phone and it completly froze after a while. I had to click 4 times on the screen till it reacted. After some time I could uninstall the app and when I did all was back to normal again. Don't know if its only on my phone. But youve been warned. Tum tum tum!!

  3. Actually you can use dashclock an install the extra dash notifier notification and use it in ur lockscreen widget to get notifications also AcDisplay is a great lockscreen notification app.