Should iOS and MacOS Merge?

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We’ve heard rumors that might hint to the merging of iOS and MacOS.

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  1. Lets all remember that ALL of Apples OSs are built on MacOS X (10). The foundation is the same. There is just different APIs for each device. So having a UNIVERSAL APP would be very easy to do and makes sense. The problem with the Mac App store is the fact not very many developers develop Apps for the Mac platform. Having an App that is universal would help Mac in a big way.

  2. If Apple merged/unified operating systems without re-skinning macOS that could work. If, however they slapped the fugly AF (IMO) iOS on it I'd jump ship to Windows or a flavour of Linux asap. I don't hold out much hope for the former. As you can tell, I'm not an advocate of the 'anti-aesthetic' iOS which favours function over form – especially when there's ample room for both beauty and function. (Again, IMO.)

  3. Poor decision if both are merged into one! Apps for a mobile device would require more performance circuitry to keep up with the macOS

  4. Did you change the frame of your videos so that people with iPhone X can zoom in and not cut off your head and still look good?? Cause if you did you’re a genius and I’m going to subscribe lol

  5. I definitely don’t think they should do that because, as you said, it would just get really annoying with all the updates and since they each already have their own idiosyncrasies, what’s the point of merging them together?
    If there was an app that worked well on multiple devices then this will definitely help that. But I personally don’t think merging will be a thing.

  6. Programming-wize, Apple separated UI and code with storyboards. They could just enforce developers to make a storyboard for each platform, but use the same code. The button is somewhere else, it looks different, but it does the same thing.
    That way, users will see an interface tailored to the device they're using, but the app itself still doing the same thing.

  7. My theory is that, the iPad Pro is going to get a more powerful OS. People have been asking for Mac OS to be on the iPad Pro since 2015, so maybe this cross platform thing is just to make the iPad Pro and Mac work together seamlessly and not necessarily connecting all iOS devices to the Mac. Maybe the iPad Pro will get its own OS, iPad OS ? That is somewhere in-between friendly to multitouch, while been as versatile and powerful as Mac OS. E.g Final Cut Pro could be optimised for multitouch and run on the iPad, meaning that you could seamlessly share projects between the devices without any hassle, that could be caused by problems from Final Cut Pro not been able to run on the iPad. This would be for people that want a lightweight powerful computer, but can't afford a Mac or doesn't necessarily need a Mac for their work E.g. Youtubers could take advantage of this with the iPad been very portable, because they constantly travel, they also wouldn't have to pay as much as a Mac so it would be good for small Youtubers as well. But they would probably make it not as powerful as a Mac (hardware wise) so it doesn't cannibalise the Mac's sales, but still make it powerful enough for the creative people that would use it. Then the iPhone, iPod touch and the other iPad models would probably run iOS.  Maybe this is been perceived wrong and it's not that Apple is making one OS, but rather making one for the iPad Pro to separate it from  the other iPads, the iPhone and the Mac.

  8. Keep up the great videos. What I would like to see is for Apple to come up with a product similar to the Samsung DEX Station. This would allow you to dock your iPhone with you work station [monitor, mouse, keyboard, and even hard drive] for desk top productivity. I know this has been tried many times before unsuccessfully. Samsung seems to have gotten it close to right this time. This feature almost made me want to pick up a Note 8 instead of a IPhone X. Then I came to my senses. Im pretty sure Apple could definitely get it right. I would love to hear your take on this in a future video. Thanks!!!

  9. Pretty sure the Mac platform will stay as open as it is as many pros rely on being able to make minute and significant changes to the way their OS works through changing low-level settings etc

  10. So, this could actually be a very welcome change for developers. I'm using Visual Studio with Xamarin to develop cross-platform apps right now, and my understanding of how this might work would be to basically allow iOS apps to run (and scale UI to) macOS. That is essentially how UWP apps work (Universal Windows Platform). Xamarin allows those apps to run on iOS and Android with one back-end code base. Developers can also make custom UI for each platform using the same code base. This is how it might work, and it may allow the mac app store to catch up with other platforms (and destroy the barren Windows Store, RIP).

    This could allow lazy/busy Devs to port iOS apps to macOS, UI and all.
    This could also allow macOS and iOS apps to share a code base, so that porting only needs new UI elements to fit the platform.

    Source: I took a class where we developed iOS and Android apps using Xamarin.

  11. I think Apple needs to look at Samsung's deX. Dock your phone for real tasks. iPhone X is more powerful than MacBook airs. Also think maybe Apple can start by just porting xcode and final cut pro to iPads and get adobe and unity technology on board. I don't think iPad needs floating and resizable windows. On my surface pro I just maximize the 3 apps I mostly use(unity, visual studio code, edge) and put them in there own virtual desktop. It's much more productive.

  12. macOS is already being used as a gesture based OS. Check out this video Download a VNC app from the App Store on your iOS device and remotely connect to your Mac and see how you enjoy the experience. I have to do this every day. It’s not horrible, but it’s not great. Using Menus aren’t bad. Navigating the Finder is awkward. I don’t think macOS and iOS have to look alike to have great integration. In fact I have three iPads and an iPhone connected to my Mac Pro via USB,WiFi and Bluetooth and use them as controllers and a Diet display. Now that’s good use of the two platforms.

    Watching someone run their greasy hands all over a small Windows 10 laptop, while occasionally knocking it backwards isn’t my idea of a good user experience. I like the Finder way too much to give it up until Apple can come up with a seriously inspired OS for all devices. I like how iOS 11 moved iOS towards macOS. That was the first really good attempt to unify the interfaces. In macOS if you hide the menu bar, the Simple Finder and the Launcher while using iCloud and Dropbox you’ll basically have iOS on your Mac.