Should You Buy Galaxy Note 8 in 2019?

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Should You Buy Galaxy Note 8 in 2019? Hello all and welcome to this episode on whether or not you should consider buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 2019. I have had this phone since launch day and I have extensive experience and thoughts to share with you here in this video. If you have had the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before or currently please consider sharing your experience and thoughts with the community to help others out as that would be appreciated and as always, enjoy the content 🙂 Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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  1. A year and almost 3 months later. The only fatal flaw is the battery life 👎🏽 No good. With power users such as myself it’s really disappointing. If only I waited out for the 9.

  2. Guys, if you've been waiting this long to buy Note 8, you may as well wait a bit longer for Galaxy S10; unless of course you just have to have a pen, wait for prices to drop a bit, or get a good deal with carrier. I have Note 8 since the day it came on market and I will keep it for very long time. Sure, all the new phones are better, but nothing really so compelling to get rid of my gorgeous Note 8.

  3. The N8 is like the old British Ford Sierra 4×4 – a workhorse with some appealing extra guts for those moments you really need to put your boot down. Irun a N8 and N9, and am a huge fan of both. Thanks for vid – interesting to hear someone else's perspective. I won't be giving up the N8 in a hurry – it's an absolute workhorse!

  4. Bought it in 2017 and still using it, would be using it for another year or so. Hands down best samsung i ever owned. Battery life is good, Camera is good. Screen is amazing. And costs around 450 for new. At this price you get crap like Honor or xiaomi midrangers. Only other respectable device around 450-550 USD price range is Mate 20 or OP6T

  5. I’ve just ordered one for AU $700 (factory seal packed ), and note 9 is AU $ 1800 ish for not so much in diffrence to note 8 . should be here by end of the week …. AND ,The $1000 spare I’ll wait for xs max 64 gig to drop on price which is 1600 ish now .

    Untill the next gen thing, I’d hold onto them cuz i think right now the evolution of smartphones have reached their optimum .you see every one in the market is almost the same large screen,no buttons , 6 or 8 gb ram and storage 512 gig or expandable micro sd . For most of users 6 gb ram and even 64 gb storage is a lot but they’re offering beyond that is like the ego factor amongst manufactures ..
    So, I’d wait untill someone comes out with holographic technology, projection device just anything next level than who has the bigger gun !

  6. Got my note8 three months after launch, figure after October support from Samsung might drop a little bit and I'll root this phone and run paranoid android like my other old phones and keep it as my backup when the note10 price drops to a sane level. Always keep two phones: 1st (newer) running stock on CDMA and 2nd (older) rooted on GSM. Although right now my rooted phone is a pixel 2xl. Decisions decisions….

  7. I had the Note 8 for almost a year and a half and I still find it a great phone even compared to 2019 phones. For that price you won't find something better.

  8. Note 8 was really my first note phone. I had really great experiences with this phone. I also started vlogging and do editing with it in smooth pace. Transition in every app is amazing.

  9. Got my note 8 last Christmas and I'm absolutely loving it. I don't take many pictures and I use headphones pretty much exclusively, so I really can't complain about anything. 100% recommended

  10. I belive its best buy for this price point. I just bought it in Germany for 399 euro. I am loving using the s pen. Which was the main reason to buy this phone. Samsung has also the best display with the best wallpapers. It might sound silly but yes wallpapers. There are other phones with amoled display but no other phone makes such a great effect. Samsung devices also happens to have one of the best signal range. My old phone got no signal in some places this one gets 2 maybe 3 points everywhere.

  11. Thank you for the info on the Note 8. I am still using my Note 4 and love it. Just changed the battery and was hoping to get a few more years out of it. However, it is showing signs of age. It is not as responsive and will freeze sometimes. So I am in the market for another phone. The Note 9 is too expensive. I am looking at the Note 8.

  12. I use it since launch. Still rock solid. So if I could give advice to someone interested in the Note 8,, Grab it if you can find it for a great price. It runs smooth af and is getting Android 9.0 too (here in the Netherlands it hasn't launched for the Note 8 yet, your milage may vary).