Should you buy iPhone XS Max in 2020?

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This is our long term review of the iPhone XS Max. Should you buy the XS Max in 2020? It still works great and it’s substantially cheaper than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but its battery life is significantly worse and the slow charger in the box is frustrating.

Get your iPhone XS Max here and start living with it:

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  1. I’ve had every iPhone since the 3GS, with the exception of the 7. I loved my 8plus and probably would have kept it for a longer time, but after my dog literally destroyed it, I had to upgrade. I’ve now had the XS max for 18 mos, and have to say it’s by FAR the best phone I’ve had from Apple. Beautiful to look at, great grip, weight, screen is amazing. At 18 mos of having it, it’s still at 95% battery health. I’m planning on keeping this one until I see an upgrade that has enough perks to make me want to leave it. I love it that much! Worth every single penny! Thanks for the great video!

  2. if anyone who has knowledge sees this could you help me out. I have an iphone 6 & i’m thinking about upgrading but i’m stuck between the xs max & xr. i want a big phone with good camera quality but i also want it to have good battery life and display. i want the xs max because it’s big & has a good camera but i want the xr because i’ve heard that it had better battery life. i’m also a heavy user of my phone so i would love it could last me longer than my 6 does. helppppp

  3. got mine back in 2018 and I still use it everyday, it’s one of my favorite iphones ever. the battery life is great and the camera still holds up over time. the display is nice as well with the OLED.