Should you buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in 2020?

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The Galaxy Note 10+ has dropped in price and it still has the killer looks and extensive feature set to make you consider it, even against newer phones in 2020. I have been using it on and off for a few months, and here are my thoughts on whether you should buy it in 2020, and all of the pros and cons.

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  1. Good review, but honestly, I think you were nitpicking a couple of features that most people didn't care about in 2019, and not much now. This is still the premium powerhouse phone from Samsung, apart from the Note 20 that was recently launched.

  2. Worthless phone. My 10+ 1 year10 days old was showing moisture detected so I asked them to fix . Now they says the mother board is gone. Have to replace and a lot of money again. Shit Samsung

  3. The answer is yes. Its the best phone I have ever owned by a landslide. In fact, unless youre into photography I would buy this phone over the 20 Ultra right now.

  4. I get “itchy” when I see the new note line comes out, but seeing how I purchased Note 10+ and iPhone 11, not giving Tmobile more money this year lol.
    Very happy with my Note, and yet learning all of the tips and tricks.

  5. I've had my note 10 plus now for about a year and im still in love. I got the same flashy color as the one above. I also have not used a case on mine, it's suffered plenty of drops and yet no cracks. Drops that even made the pan fly out. Its so tough. My battery lasts almost two days so I'm not sure what this guy put his through cause damn i use the shit out of mine🤣

  6. I just received the Note 20 Ultra I pre-ordered but I realized that I'd rather save a few hundred bucks and get a new note 10 +. I got it in the Aura Blue so I'm excited!! Upgrading from a note 8

  7. I'm planning to buy note 20 but i have this employee incentive where I can buy note 10+ (brand new) for around $600. So I went with note 10 plus, I made the right choice, right?

  8. I got the note 10+ last year and from what ive seen the note 20 ultra isn't a huge upgrade in terms of features, for me 5G is one of the main reasons as to why I'd want to upgrade but most places aren't even 5G equipped yet so no real urgent need to get a 5G phone when you can't really use it properly, other than that I'm a picture guy so im also interested in the cameras with the laser auto focus and I know from the S20 ultra at least from a couple reviewers the Note 10+ actually arguably took better photos, so with me I'll wait for the price to go down after the preorder launch and then if I really like what I see from people using the phone then sure I'll be more tempted in buying it, but at the moment the main reasons I would upgrade are, better cameras and 5G but for now I'm fine with my Note10+ cause they're pretty much the same screen size other than an extra inch, i can still video in 4k 60fps with it still looking good, most of my photos come out just the way I want and the storage is nowhere near full though if I was to upgrade I would need the 500+ one not the 126 GB thats too small with my usage but all in all I'd only upgrade if the phone itself turned out to be 10/10 and judging from what ive seen theres mixed reviews but the colour wave (bronze) is a good colour, i just would have loved the colours they had on the note 20 like green with the matte finish like they had on one of the iPhone11 cause other than that in my opinion samsung beats iphone in pretty much most areas for the way i like things but if Samsung just had more colour options or creativity like they had with Aura glow (what I got) it would be amazing though i can't really admire the back si much due to having a case on 24/7, also side note I'm pretty sure they made the US model 126 GB (i think its that) instead of 256 GB (with the international) due to the chip being different from both models (or at least thats what ive heard) so to have a bit of fairness with international users getting the exynos chip instead of the snapdragon they've only given US models 126 standard storage and then the 500+ the more expensive one

  9. I'm so glad that I bought a second hand note10+ (still got 10 months warranty) in dec last year for just$640, immediately fall in love with the design and camera performance. Got some good deal with note 20 ultra but I'm not impressed at all

  10. I used the XS Max for a year or so..just switched to the Note 10Plus Aura Glow because of the screen size and no notch..But having a problem with PUBG the iPhone,there were never frame drops and lag but here its irritating that even with 12 GB RAM there is lag..any solutions…??

  11. Dear phonearena, may u please give me that note 10 or 9? It would really be helpful to me as a student down here in South Africa. The phone is as expensive as double my mother's salary

  12. As the Note 20 is due in a matter of days I am looking at the Note 10 plus instead. Price matters, especially when you have to explain it to your wife why you needed all that power. I don't. I am still using the phone I bought on release date in 2017, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and I see advertised new phones in 2020 with the same specks so I am only upgrading if it's a considerable leap forward and a bigger screen. The Galaxy Note 10 + is, the Note 20 Ultra is and the Fold 2, whether it comes out, is. The Fold 2 is the most appealing but is a square tablet what I want ? On the Note wide I really like the idea of a pen with a phone, a real game changer. Not a easy decision, spending lots of money on novelty or going for the solid and reliable ?

  13. I had my Galaxy Note 10+ in November 2019, and I still love using this sexy phone in August 2020. I had the same issue with the WiFi connectivity at times too especially when I was at my second home. As much as I love this current handset, I am looking forward to get my hands on the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra!!! 🥰🥰

  14. I just bought the note 10 plus 3 weeks ago, upgrade from the note 4 , I will probably keep the note 10 plus for 5 to 6 years then I'll get another, thanks for the video, everyone stay safe and have a great day.

  15. Honestly I broke the hell out of my note 9 because my case spilled, and it still works but after dropping it in water and having every corner cracked, the middle hasn't even cracked it didn't lag up until now I think I've been working it too much, I recommend the note 9 or the note 10 for people looking for some good phones I've had this phone since it came out.

  16. The note 10+ is such a fantastic phone although I don't mind the headphone jack being gone if it had one its the perfect phone this is by far the best note ever so far

  17. Hey Victor, aren't you the one who wrote article on phone arena that spen is useless and note line should not exist anymore, which was very controversial article at that time? Am surprised that you say that spen is a positive thing for you. Be consistent man.

  18. My NOTE10plus has 10x zoom. Recheck your phone! Hold one of the 3 portrait buttons and the manual zoom pops up 0.5x-10× zoom! I love my 📱WiFi good also. NOTE SERIES FOR LIFE