Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2020

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  1. I've had one for a year or so now and here's my honest review

    1. Great durability, not indestructible but in the 1 year it cracked mildly bad once but thankfully only the front
    2. Camera is AMAZING, android really have shown they're better than Apple with the cameras, professional look in every shot
    3. Lag, almost no lag at all from the phone itself, it still has over 50% of its space unused and doesn't heat up or anything when charging
    4. Case, I had a glass case for a while and it lasted good, I now don't have one and im currently looking but overall I'd recommend one to stop side scratches
    Overall 9/10 phone not much you could add to make it better

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  4. A used S10 in excellent condition can be had now for $375. I always buy phones at that price range and have never bought one brand new at full price. These things are becoming more and more like cars. Better to buy used and slightly outdated models to save money in the long run.

  5. I want a cheap phones with decent camera and enough processing power for apps.. with very good security even if i lost it… then i get the iphone 6s