Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?

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Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?
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The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. I spent a few weeks using it as my ONLY smartphone. Turns out the Galaxy S9 is a formidable player in the smartphone market offering up one of the most diverse feature sets. Thanks for watching my Galaxy S9 review.



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  1. At this point, these companies need to take a step back, breath – then create a new phone. Every iteration at this point is like a half-assed sequel. No huge differences or just unusual ones.

  2. Any help/thoughts from other viewers out there on a guy that’s been with Apple since 2012?-I’m thinking of waiting on the Note 9 to be released and picking it up(currently sporting the iPhone 7+)-I haven’t had an android since the HTC Evo 3D…but I’m thinking I’m ready to rejoin the righteous and go with the Note 9 and finally be able to really enjoy my phone again. Any comments and or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. This is the first smartphone I've bought that I can't root, but succumbed to 50% off t-mobile military discount. Your review made me feel better about the purchase. (May not feel that way as I watch the software age; my backup One M8 is running 8.1.) BTW, while not a granny, I am a 69 y/o grandpa who loads Nova Launcher on any phone I have. Really enjoy your work.

  4. i've never had a phone without a headphone jack, but i also never use the headphone jack. if it was up to me i'd remove all the ports & just have a glass slab (=

  5. Remove that annoying edge screen. Remove that worthless Bixby button. Add a battery of a reasonable size for that size of the phone. Remove all Samsung bloat. After that, we can talk.
    Until all that happens, I will never buy another Samsung phone.

  6. I don't like fiddling either thats why i loved the magnetic charger of my z3tc.
    It was easy and still usable with the charger on

  7. Have they fixed those battery issues??? I bought 2 Galaxy tab A’s and they have to be used while plugged in! So I bought 2 IPads….doesn’t need charging for 2 days! Best battery life I’ve ever seen! See ya Samsung!!

  8. Samsung is well-build, no way. But what about ANDROID? The WORST OPERATING SYSTEM ON THE PLANET. Owned by GOOGLE. And GOOGLE is listening and spying on you every single time. And with that in mind THIS PHONE COSTS 1000 USD, what???
    I would rather buy iPhone X with notch but will feel myself totally secured than buy a Pixel or S9 and handle all my data to digital marketing monopolist who will track every my move.

  9. i've been watching all your videos for the past 3 hours bc my dog destroyed my phone and i can't get a new one. i'm: depressed, broke, and making myself suffer lol.