Simple Splash Screen App Tutorial using Android Studio 2.3.3 (NEW)

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In this video, I will show you how you can create a simple splash screen (Welcome Screen) activity to display your logo/brand using the latest Android Studio 2.3.3 of 2017.

Code Link:

If you have a better approach, do comment below and share your ideas. If you didn’t like something please do share feedback with me.

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  1. Whenever I run the app on my phone , instead of showing the image and text which I've added , it only shows a white screen… And then after the predefined time , it moves on to the MainActivity. Please tell me where I'm going wrong

  2. after searching and watching a lot of videos, this video showed me the perfect method !!! Thank you
    Please add a tutorial on custom toolbar for android also

  3. Can you suggest me any site to learn Android for beginners in which the beginner can cover every concept from beginner level then after go to advance. Please suggest if you have any link from where you learn Android

  4. You are best sir….you not only teach things but also tell not to worry about stuffs…you will learn this things later slowly…..this gives motivation….thank you sir….i am glad that i started learning about android by watching your channel

  5. Thank you very much, sir…I have been searching for how to make an activity to run first which is added afterwards but didn't get anything, finally, in the video, the part where you said about Android Manifest File made my day, now I could add multipe activities in my App!….again thank you so much!!!!!

  6. Hello Sir, I have made Simple Login App from your tutorial. The app is working fine and I really appreciate your way of teaching. But when I am trying to add the splashScreen to the app, it is crashing and without splashscreen it again works fine. Please Help Me….
    Also it works fine in Android Nougat but not working in Android Kitkat 4.4.4

  7. Thank-you sir for the informative video ! But I still have one problem the app keeps crashing…I've checked the code thorough enough and matches the same as yours…but the problem persists, what could be the reason??

  8. Sir , please tell me how do you come to know about all the packages, classes, and the methods ,their complete properties and uses . Please tell me sir
    You are really best teacher.

  9. Sir, image is not displayed instead of that a white screen is shown up for 3 seconds , whats the problem ?
    waiting for reply as soon as possible, your video are helpful 🙂

  10. Got it working in first go. Your instructions were easy to follow. That was great to see ourselves making app. So what are your another advance tutorials? I want to make an app which can store and fetch data.