Siri (iOS 11) vs Bixby (Note 8) vs Google Assistant (Oreo)

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In this video, we compare some of the best personal voice assistants – Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, and Samsung’s Bixby.

All three voice assistants have gone through a number of changes in the past few months.

In iOS 11, Siri has been improved. In Android Oreo, Google Assistant performs better. Samsung Bixby Voice just reached the Indian shores.

In this video, we test each Voice Assistant by asking a few basic questions, commanding it to do certain tasks, etc.

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  1. Now bixby has more greater place even than Siri but Google assistant always wins………..bixby does deep job…..Google and Siri just give us the option to activate or not…..and this thing Siri is doing more she can't decide what to do…….and bixby is slower………
    And Google has almost most features of all these two have……Google assistant is fast and also decides what it's told to do…… …. some times Siri is good sometimes bixby is……
    But the only assistant is there that always wins is Google assistant………

  2. Bixby is better not as it is not good enough to recognise the voice. If Google assistance and Bixby come to join together I would be like Jarvas (Tony stark personal assistance) and no one could defeated it

  3. siri is made not to use personal API's so anyone else than the user(or developer if jailbroken) can't use siri to take full control of the phone
    if you want more functionallity to siri its recommended to jailbreak your device .you'll have tons of tweaks to make it far funtional than bixby.
    but i do accept that siri sucks on STOCK iOS 11