Siri VS Google Assistant on the iPhone! (2017)

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Siri Vs Google Assistant on the iPhone! (2017)
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Apple’s Brand New Product!
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  1. Dude the google assistant will NEVER be able to open iOS apps, Apple won’t ever allow 3rd party apps to do that, it’s a security concern. I get that an android person like yourself doesn’t give a crap about security but for those of us with a bit of sense it’s kinda important.

  2. Google assistant on pixel xl is just awesome and im sure on other Android 7 devices. Im so happy that its available on IOS now u guys can enjoy it too… Peace

  3. It appears that Siri was programmed by liberals. She knew the answer when it was Obama but not Trump? That's the most basic question you can find and Siri messed it up.

  4. at: 3:25 i've always gotten a name as the reply as well as his info. Since siri iOS 5 or 6.
    Just tested it again on iPhone 6 plus, running old iOS 10.2, Donald trump is spoken out.

  5. I m talk to google assistant ''What do you think of the Siri" and say "Full respect" "Begin assistant is hard work" and talk again , she answer" is so funny" why google assistant like siri, but dislike siri google assistant? mystic

  6. I have both an android and an iPhone and I still love my android and Google assist waaaaaaaaaaaay (ok that might have been a bit much but you get the idea) more!

  7. Hi Google assistance-Hello I am google assistance Hi siri how are you-Google oh I see your using that crappy siri-how dare you dumb Google I am siri-and that's it