Smartphone CAMERA Showdown: Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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In today’s video we go back to tech! We do a smartphone camera showdown between two of the best Android flagships — the Huawei P40 Pro Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Take note that we all have different tastes so my decision might be different from yours. The point of this is for you to see for yourselves the quality of photos offered by both devices and you can make your own decision which one to buy (if ever you’re planning on buying either of the two based on camera performance).

I hope you guys enjoy the video! God bless all!

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  1. My only issue with the s20 is that it doesn't focus well, so it isn't good for macro shots. Sometime it wouldn't focus at all. But all in all this is a beast.

  2. Some of my friends said it really sucks when it comes to low budget or mid range phones of Huawei. It's pretty lag and the camera become blurry and become noisy they regret buying it and I noticed this also when they show me, but if it's flag ship level it's different story.

  3. Very well detailed camera comparison boss Carlo 💥
    I think i will go also to Huawei detail and sharpness like you've said to Samsung S20ultra color and saturation are can easy to edit in other camera editing apps.😂

  4. Sir Carlo please upload if you don’t mind about how to be good in English speaking…because i saw you collabing with Miss Lyqa which i admire also…i like the way you speak English language because im just trying myself to be good in English…

  5. Awesome sir carlo!! But for me Huawei wins this one the details and the amazing leica camera with the image processing is insane!!! Kudos also to samsung hehe wooh! Both worth it! 😎🔥

  6. Thats why they banned Huawei. It destroys Samsung in some aspects. If it onlu had a Google, it is a sure win for Huawei.
    Looking forward also Sir Carlo sa Oneplus 8pro☺

  7. I'll go for the P40 detilyado mga kuha mo sir tapos natural lang talaga sa Samsung naman yung mas makulay tung picture kung bga angat yung color parang nka edit n hehe gusto ko dun yung kuha mo n solo ka sa tagaytay gwapings 😎keepsafe always Sir Godbless🙌☝🏼