Sneaky i7 8700K benchmarks, iPhone X leaks, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 + more

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Check out how one family got a smart home upgrade from TP-Link!

Youtuber Karl Morin sneakily gets some i7 8700K benchmarks at Dreamhack 2017; Details leak about Apple’s iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X; Xiaomi releases the Mi Mix 2, Mi Note 3, and the Mi Notebook Pro. Plus, Quick Bits!

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  1. ok, i unsubcribed but it seems i need my daily tech news so i'm going to resubscribe. just hoping so i won't miss keys saying something abouth nanotubes.

  2. I was surprised when I heard that multiple people are leaving Netlinked, I felt really sad because I really liked both Julia and Berrett. I hope you guys are going to get more people soon again! I feel like NCIX is dedicating less resources to Netlinked now..

  3. Intel is planning a 5ghz+ cpu's launch for last…thats for secret weapon they been working on a 10nm cpu..cannonlake

    so right going have more options on clock speeds again…vs AMD less options and corner again

  4. intel have upperhand in clock per cycle vs AMD has no where to go from this point now..but going down clock for next ryzen gen…

  5. So intel released a CPU which costs $350 and slightly faster than AMD Ryzen? i mean $220 Ryzen 5. Lmao. Miles behind the $300 Ryzen 1700 performance. You people shouldn't even talk about single thread performance bullshit, it's like you people comparing a single cylinder BHP of a V8 engine vs single cylinder BHP of a V-Twin Superbike engine. And Gaming performance, We all know future games will use over 4 threads and we do a lot of stuff. We buy these chips not just for gaming.