Sony Xperia 3 5G (2020) Introduction!!!

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Introducing the flagship smartphone Sony Xperia 3 5G (2020) first look, concept, trailer, and introduction video. Sony Xperia 3 5G smartphone will launch this year. According to the latest rumors and leaks, the new upcoming flagship smartphone Sony Xperia 3 will receive 6.6 inches OLED display. Also, The new upcoming Sony Xperia 3 will have a powerful six-component camera, under-display front camera, in-display fast fingerprint scanner and most updates operating system Android 10v. The new Sony Xperia 3 release date and price are not officially confirmed. For more updates and news please stay tuned. Thanks!

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  1. In 2020/21. All Phone Manuals should be doing a Minimum of:- 6.75 inches. 10/12 Ram & 256/512 Rom( storage) and at least the 865 chip set. Or to begin to see lost Sales, worldwide .( This is My own Personal Opinion only!)

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