Sony Xperia XA1 Full Review, The Real Test!

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The brand new Sony Xperia XA1 is here! Don’t miss the video if you want to dig really deep into Sony’s latest mid-range offer.

Ray Ma @FlashingDroid TV Presents
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  1. Very happy with my XA1
    Only main problem is the touch screen fails and gets worse after only a couple of months.
    Really wish Sony would be better at sorting this out.

  2. You, like other video reviewers, are trivializing steadyshot. It is the most important camera feature which allows creation of useable videos when compared to cameras with zero stabilization.

  3. So after a year, how are you all doing with this shitty phone ?   This is the most defective phone I ever had. I have replaced the screen twice to no avail. Do not buy SONY they are doing this intentionally. They will not replace the phone better to ask for refund if your lucky you will get one. Their warranty its discriminatory. If you buy Sony phones in any country in Europe it can be fix in any other country. I bought mine online in the US and travelled to South America where my phone started to have issues but to my surprise SONY DO NOT GRANT WARRANTIES OUTSIDE US.

  4. guys please dont buy this product. i had this phone for 7 months then suddenly the touch screen doesn't work. lagging software
    issues since its in warranty i send it back in Stephanis where i bought thsi product here in cyprus and they sent to athens to fix. 4 weeks later they called they need money about half price of the phone since its damage for some reason. hell fcking nooo! i buy this for 250 euros and they want 140 euro to fix. so dont waste your money dont buy sony… bad phone bad company!

  5. I know its a matter of opinion but did I hear ya turn ya lip up at the fact it has a plastic back?… You ask me a phone should NEVER be fully glass… The hell are these manufacturers thinking?
    I have owned an galaxy s8 plus, ui is bloated as fuck and ugly for one but the main gripe for me is the frickin glass… Too much of it and shit breaks easily gorilla glass my ass and if you have to buy a case for it then that defeats the purpose of having a flashy handset.

  6. I bought this phone 11 months ago. Arter 5-6 months it had touchscreen problems. I sent it to warranty. They changed the screen. When I took my phone back, I saw some different colour pixels on the screen sides. I sent it back to the warranty and now waiting. I wanted my money back. If they pay it, I will buy a xz premium. I wish Sony corrects this mistake and pay me back. İ not, thats a shame for Sony. (Xa1 touchscreen problem is chronic in TURKEY)

  7. Ever since the Oreo update my XA1 has been dropping calls , it's become sluggish as well.. it never happened before Oreo… fix it quick sony or i'm jumping ship.