Sony Xperia XA1 Review – Sony’s BEST Budget Smartphone 2017 ?!

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The Sony Xperia XA1 is here and it improved over the old XA, but is it worth it ? Get it here: *
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  1. Only problem I have with my
    Sony Experia XA1 is the touch screen is failing. Only had the phone for 8 months and been super careful with it.
    Apart from that the phone has a great camera and everything else works fine.

  2. Came to this before I dropped only $75 for a used XA1 (coming from a Xperia Z3). So far I dig it…and for the price, I couldn't really do much better in terms of price vs. performance…so far…thanks for positing this video!

  3. guys please dont buy this product. i had this phone for 7 months then suddenly the touch screen doesn't work. lagging software
    issues since its in warranty i send it back in Stephanis where i bought thsi product here in cyprus and they sent to athens to fix. 4 weeks later they called they need money about half price of the phone since its damage for some reason. hell fcking nooo! i buy this for 250 euros and they want 140 euro to fix. so dont waste your money dont buy sony… bad phone bad company!

  4. The worst phone I ever had! So many software issues it's a pile of junk do not buy it!! The camera quality is actually shit. Sony doesn't give a shit and won't charge it.

  5. Thnks for the review. I have bought the xa1 and noticed that I do not have the time on the lock screen. The lock screen is just black! I have to press the fingerprint button to get to the first screen where I can see the time as well, but for eg. I cannot see the time on the screen when I sleep in the night and wanna check time without touching the phone. Any ideas why? There's nothing on this on the net, so thought to ask you. Cheers, Jon.

  6. Its really good review of any smartphone… You done such grt work over making this video.. Thank you for it.. And can you plzzzz suggest me a best budget camera phone of 2018 from Sony

  7. I would like a single question … For starters though I am a boy you think purchasing a sony xperia xa1 phone on pink would be a problem.
    Anyway, I would like to have white but I do not know why pink color attracts me more especially that the phone itself seems and I think it is of good quality especially at its price whether this phone is in the budget phones .. I would say yes but given that there are other variants of xperia much more accessible puts you in a situation where it makes you think whether it is worth it or not. I say YES …..

  8. As a 13 year old kid, I think this is a good phone. I watched a whole movie (central intelligence) and I had only 93% battery left, I also think the 23mp camera is good although it isn't good in low light. It's a good phone, i bought it from Amazon for $140. I was a bit sceptical about the battery but it's all good definitely a good phone you all should buy!

  9. Ever since the Oreo update my XA1 has been dropping calls , it's become sluggish as well.. it never happened before Oreo… fix it quick sony or i'm jumping ship.

  10. The Sony XA2 video camera can record in slow motion but the XA1 can't? Is that correct. With the XA1 if it cannot record in slow motion can you later put videos in to slow motion with editing software? Video quality wise even though XA2 is higher spec the quality difference with XA1 is very minor from comparison footage I've seen, is that accurate? Deciding between XA1 and XA2 to buy and good video camera is a definite must for me but XA1 is lot cheaper so if only minor improvement in quality I'll go for XA1. Thanks for help!