Sony Xperia XZ Premium Android 9.0 Pie Review

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This is a detailed video review of Android 9.0 Pie firmware update for Xperia XZ Premium and direct comparison with Xperia XZ3’s firmware


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  1. great video & nice of you talking about the smallest details , you should adjust the focus on your phones & disable auto so it doesn't switch to your hands

  2. Warning: Do not upgrade 8.0 version to 9.0 Pie version. Up-gradation from 8.0 version to 9.0 Pie version has vanished "4K HDR performance" of my Sony Xperia XZ Premium mobile phone.

  3. Every one keep talking about the Pie Navigation gesture while for me Sony own launchers among the best out there…i'm so glad Sony still keep their own launcher…

  4. This phone can run PUBG mobile on hdr smoothly and I'm impressed about. And yeah I bought it for only 400 bucks, what a bargain