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On today’s Pocketnow Daily from IFA 2018, we cover the launch of Sony’s first AMOLED flagship, the Xperia XZ3. Then we talk about Apple meeting with a Taiwanese firm to bring micro-LED and mini-LED displays to their devices in the future. The ZTE Axon 9 Pro brings back a true focus on multimedia at an affordable price while the Casio PRO TREK WSD-F30 brings Wear OS back to the outdoors. We end today’s show with an all-in-one deal for students who want Spotify, Hulu and Showtime, too.

– Sony Xperia XZ3 official with BRAVIA OLED screen

– Apple could be planning on using MicroLED and MiniLED displays in their devices

– ZTE Axon 9 Pro announced as a true multimedia flagship

– The new Casio PRO TREK might just be perfect for outdoor enthusiasts

– If you’re a student you have to get this Spotify deal!

– Learn more about how Qualcomm powers technology:

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  1. i love sony. they are always unique. they may be a little bit late for new designs but what they make is actually pretty damn good. i hope youtubers give more attention to sony techs bcoz nowadays most of youtubers dont pay much attention to sony smartphones. xz3 is really great from what i hear. dual sterio speakers, 6 inch oled, nice design, ip68, fast charging, nice camera, curved display, expandable storage.. and so on. i think its a mix of samsung + pixel flagship.

  2. The problem is that Sony is shifting more towards a content-service oriented based tech company and is slowing down in hardware innovations. Copy righted material, licensed content, patented wireless tech collaboration something something like that lah… Did you ever notice how tedious unboxing of Xperia products? Stacks of paper manuals, legal certifications, content licensing confirmations, bla bla bla.

    The case why Sony is so slow to cross-over from LCD to OLED is because Sony had a long binding contract with Japan Display Incorporated to keep using LCDs until there is a clausul that mentions at some point time the switch to OLED is possible…


    Yep, legal issues and legal disputes are what caused Sony to become a "boring company" back then

  3. WHY is ZTE not releasing the Axon 9 pro to the US market? Seems a bit like the finger at USA consumers who bought the Axon 7 and a lot of their midrange phones to build their business. Mad because they got caught or dirty corrupt US deep state politics?? What was passed and CC to them via the Hillary server???

  4. Looking to upgrade my Samsung s7. Have lost hope with the company. I have owned a S2 and s4 and they have all slowed down eventually. The lag I have now is so frustrating. Don't think I could convert to Sony though as I don't like their UI. I think I'll upgrade to one plus 6t! Thoughts?

  5. Look at what Sony did in the enthusiast camera market. Started off as total underdog to Canon and Nikon, kept releasing frequently updated and innovative cameras at a much more frequent rate than the competition (even though they took a loss) and now their mirrorless cameras are leading. Look at the Xperia series …updated frequently and slowly getting closer to big time challenge with QHD Oled screen, gorgeous curved glass back etc. Look how far they have come!!