Sony Xperia XZ3 | in-depth Preview

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Preview: Sony Xperia XZ3

00:22 Design
04:10 Display
08:01 Sound
09:45 Performance
10:24 Battery
11:41 Software
12:38 Camera
22:40 Conclusion

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  1. I reckon the finger print placement is better than Samsung Galaxy S9 plus or Note 9. I know cause I have note 9, S9 plus and Xperia XZ2 premium. Finger print placement is fine on xz2

  2. Can anyone help me to find the short cut to adjust in the ringtone volume instead of going through settings?? You use to be able to use the volume keys

  3. Just I got the xz3 yesterday my previous phone was xz premium and Is very nice i like the screen and is fast and have very good sounds quality loud speakers

  4. You are the only person that has really stated the fact about the fingerprint scanner. It's not in a bad position. You really get used it it within a day. I don't miss placing my finger right, even from my pocket, on my xz2

  5. Awesome test & review! Yes, the headphone volume NEEDS to be pushed up cuz it's WAY too low! And Sony should be less secretive about which DAC(s) it's using as well. I think they keep the volume down as to not compete with their Walkman line. But really if they'd simply JUST end their lower-end Walkman line devices and keep the more expensive ones, there would be NO competition to worry about.

  6. Thank you for your in-depth preview. Always love your work! Hopefully sony releases an XZ3 Compact of some sort, my XZ1 Compact battery is starting to wain on me 🙁

  7. So I've seen one in my local Sony center and I played with it for a while and something bothers me. You said the camera quality is amazing… but from what I tested it was… garbage. There's a lot of artifacts in the picture, it chose exposure wrong every time. I compared it shot for shot with my 3-year-old phone and the photos were worse from the XZ3. Also, HRD can only be enabled in manual mode (which is fine) but every time I changed some settings (like white balance) the HDR automatically disabled itself. What's the purpose of HDR in manual mode when you can't change anything otherwise it'll disable itself. Maybe that was some early software but this experience pretty much caused my excitement to drop to zero… so I'd like to see a video from you testing the camera in-depth with 100% crop on those images.

  8. Does anyone else miss having the colour of the phone on the top and bottom bezels? I feel like everything is starting to look the same until you look at the back of the phone.
    But, I do like the Sony logo on the chin..

  9. OK, I really liked this review. Yes I aint a fan of the new design language. I think the phones to tall. But I kinda like this design a little more than the XZ2 variant. But I rather had the old design language, and even though I never had any issues with the bezels, I could have accepted non-bezels on the sides but on top and bottom thin like this one.

    I like that you actually not bashing the placement of the FPS, like everyone els actually has done. And showing it up like its really bad. Just as you say, it depends on how you hold your phone, and many phones has reseantly placed the FPS on the same spot, and Sony do not. They want to be a little different. And as you say, if you grabb it normally, there is no problems at all, but then you say I am more used to the FPS higher up. I really liked that you emphasized on that. Because as you say, there is nothing wrong with the placement, and to be frank its not ergonomically a problem either. Because as you did show, it works just fine. Can't wait for the review. 🙂

    I have yelled at you before sometimes, but I am glad I dont have (at the moment) nothing to nitpick on you for… lol

  10. Sony has kinda "auto HDR" in the intelligent auto, but only when it detects back-lit subject as a scene. It's only one-frame-HDR photo though, so processed by software, but I believe other phones with auto HDR do the same, and the processing is even heavier, with Samsung for instance the most (crazy super rich over-saturated colors). And HDR photos can look "flat" in contrast, true.

  11. The XZ2 Premium should have been this design, and this display but keep the dual cameras and 6gb of ram. The XZ3 should have come out next year in 2019

  12. I haven no idea how Sony is going to impress us with the xz3p (if there is one).

    The previous premium models stands out from the regular ones because the difference between 1080p and 4k is huge. But now the xz3 already has 2k, and I can't really tell the differece between 2k and 4k in daily use. I own an xzp and tried 2k and 4k videos on youtube, and I would fail every blind test between the two qualities.

  13. You won't hear me complaining about the missing headphone jack, because sony was nice enough to add a free Sony WH-1000XM3 headphone for each pre-order. Which did drop your argument for both missing headphone jack and price to be honest. Liked your preview/review though! 🙂

  14. Surprised that this is only just a preview, but you went into great detail with the phone. Awesome in-depth "preview"! I'll be getting the phone soon! One question though, the photo samples you showed, were they taken using Auto? Or Manual + HDR?