Sony Xperia XZ3 Review

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Check out the new Sony Xperia XZ3 in our latest review.

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  1. at 1:06 everyone can see that the placing of Sony fingerprint sensor can't be placed so badly as every reviewer says. Just look at it. Samsung double camera is almost on the very same place as the Sony single camera. Yes Sony fingerprintsensor is a little lower down. But Samsungs sensore is closer to camera, and despite that fact, the still say, that Samsungs placing is better than the Sonys? YOu can clerarly see there at 1:06 that you would probably pusch any of those camea lenses on that samsung evenly often as the Sonys camera sensor. But everytime they showing Samsung finger printsensor, they all hold the phone in the right way. But the Sonyphone is always held the wrong way. how can that be? Good video again though.

  2. Hi bro thanks for a great review ! .. but I have a question please .. are the screen sides of XZ3 curvier than Note 8 or Note 9 ?

  3. Thanks for the review, David. Really eyeing this phone as a replacement for my OnePlus 3T, but just want to wait for all the Android phone announcements this month before making a final decision. Also will probably wait until closer to the holidays in hopes that the price will drop a little – here in the U.S. the phone is a little overpriced when compared to its competition.

    No issues with call quality, or holding onto wi-fi or cellular data? Haven't heard of any issues, but just wanted to make sure.

  4. David fantastic review mate. Just a quick question if I may. How's the heat management on the XZ3 under heavy load? Any throttling occurring during longer spans of heavy usage? Thanks