Sony Xperia XZs Review

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The Xperia XZs uses almost exactly the same body design, and almost the same internals with some small, but significant differences from the XZ. Let’s see what they are.

Sony Xperia XZs Review –

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  1. Love sony phones. Used to swear by Ericsson now it's the xperia all the way. I love the large, slick look. They are very compact and easy to navigate which I love. Always an elegant phone. Love the ice blue. Dnt get why ppl dis sony. I think they are underrated. Sony over Apple any day. Battery v good too. I have the E5. I love how they stay true to their design and Dnt change too much which is why I would buy again.

  2. No one's like the bazels but when you have it in the hands you cry for it. I have the Samsung S7 Edge and several times in turns a madness to hold its irritating when you touch the screen sometimes whit your fingers or your hand at the same time. I have the two world's of Samsung and Sony well I liked both but if I have to choose it will be Sony they have some features that some smartphones doesn't have the review do not show the features. Before you critise the Sony smartphone you have to see others reviews and get more information about it go to the Sony site to inform.

  3. This video is full of subjective judgements. When other reviewers in Youtube say negative things about the product they are reviewing, they do it objectively, comparatively, with reference, and they mention specifics and reasons why. But this review, I can't stand to listen to it. Why PhoneArena? Am I a foolish 17 year old to you?

  4. Sony make some of the most optimised phones on the market, their UI and RAM management is insane. Just have a look at the comparisons on the phone battle channel – this sd820 phone is giving most snapdragon 835 phones a run for its money; including the new samsung s8. The design maybe the same, but you don't need to change something that isn't broken, it is not a fashion statement . . . most people want faster performing specs, a few additional features, and that's it. Reliability and efficiency over gimmicky nonsense. On my 5th sony phone now and even the lesser models have been satisfactory. Sometimes they have made strange releases, but they eventually get it spot on. Well done sony.