Sony Xperia™ Z1 – Best of Sony for the Best of You – TV Ad

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From the best hello to the best time, Xperia™ Z1 from Sony is designed to make your best moments even better.

We combined the best technology from Sony in a smartphone, so you can create, watch, listen and play better than ever before.

The best of Sony for the best of you.

Music: Movin’ On Up performed by Lucy Rose (composer/arranger: Gillespie/Young/Innes)
Courtesy of Columbia Records/Sony Music


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  1. sadly there is no full version cover of this song 🙁
    it makes me feel inspired and sad at the same time 🙂
    how i wish this song would be given more attention.
    still the full version doesn't exist already.. best of sony! thankyou!

  2. S ony has really done great work on this phone the only thing that I don't like is if you leave a flap open the whole device i ruined but it got great specs i mean full hd screen 20, 7 mp and quad core processor great phone 9/10

  3. Does anyone ever heard this song from Radio X GTA San Andreas? By the way the original singer is Primal Scream, the song is called Movin' On Up.

  4. I own this phone and it's amazing phone, I like this phone so much! Do you own this phone? If not, please don't say shit, you are that suit I believe, what a impolite shit!