Sony Xperia Z3+ review

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Does the latest flagship from Sony manage to be anything more than just another incremental update? We find out, in this Sony Xperia Z3+ review!

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  1. I still remember when this was my daily driver and I used to suffer with lag and heat. It was so hot that water resistant adhesive failed and the back panel came off. It was still a great phone tho. Also I feel so comfortable while typing this on the note 10 plus

  2. xperia z series were really great phones back then. people are just tricked and manipulated by these so called famous tech reviewers into not buying the sony brand. wake up people

  3. Either you forget about emergency mode or. It only for japan rom. But mine (z4 or Japanese)can beat 3000+mah snapdragon 800 on battery life. In normal use. Z4 can handle full one 1 day with around 30-50%. Or 24hour hotspot with 4g+ with 10-20% left depending on how you use it. My other phone with less usage and more battery only left 15-30% and both without any powersave mode. On emegency mode it can hold more than 2day. Idk how long since emegency mode will disable everyhing except call. Sms. Camera. And few other app. Soo i never use it more than 2day like sony claim.

  4. Its having dual sim but for me sim 1 have been damaged and I gave it to small shop in India for repairing it.they tried but still now it doesn't work. Now the backpanel doesn't stick because of the heating issue.i bought new backpanel from Amazon and it sticked for 2 days and after that it removed itself.VERY DISAPPOINTED 😞 NEVER GONNA BUY SONY PHONE 📱

  5. Nice review. Its year 2018. I am still using this phone. Everything works great. Android 7.1.1. Using plastic cover.

    Today i changed the original display foil for hardened glass. Man, the display looks even better. Zero scratches on whole phone. And i use it really on 100%. Control device for Dji mavic drone, underwater videos (Thai salty water), NFC pairing for remote control SONY digital camera. Also i like the SONY audio capabilities.

    Newer SONY flaghips have smaller battery capacaty, and are thicker. I see no reason for upgrade. For me personally is the best phone i ever had.

  6. I drop once and crack in one line on screen, then the screen doesn't respond when I touch it -.- AND BATTERY LIFE IS NOT GOOD IT DECREASE VERY FAST but like he said "love and hate relationship" it is very true when you have this phone. Anyway watching this with my OnePlus huehuehue

  7. Both back and front glass pannel wasnt liked much by people and reviewers before. Now almost every phon has it..😅 and they love it which they never actually liked much on sony..😂