Sony Xperia Z3 vs Xperia Z2 – What’s Changed?

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Sony’s Xperia Z2 was close to being the first Android with no compromises. Its large display and fantastic camera combined with speed performance, durability and insane battery life to amazing effect. It’s been Cam’s favorite device virtually all year, and so he wanted to compare it to its successor to see what has improved and what’s perhaps not as good.

Both phones feature a 5.2-inch, 1080×1920 display, 20.7MP camera, 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 801 series quad-core chip and large batteries. But there are differences in design that give the Z3 a more sophisticated and elegant look. Despite only having lost 1mm in thickness, it feels smaller thanks to the more rounded edges.

What do you make of the Z3? Is it as good as the Z2, or are the compromises in the wrong places this time out?

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  1. I have had a Z2 for over two years, so has my wife, I love the phone, it does everything I want and more..except, mine has always had problems, it sometimes 'phantom dials' people in my contacts, not often, but it does happen and I hear someone saying "hello" from inside my pocket. I started up on the '3' network and being as I was going to the USA (from UK) it made a lot of sense as I don't get charged for roaming whilst being out of the country.In Feb 2017, my contract with 3 was up, they didn't offer me any incentive to stay with them, if fact, they tired to put the contract price up, so we both changed to EE.My wife's phone was fine, it worked right away with the new EE sim, mine didn't, then one day, and many hours of head scratching, and just after I had bought a replacement (cheap) phone, it suddenly sprung into life, I have been using it as a GPS for map my walk, so I was using it still, no idea why it worked again (on EE) but happy days.We went back to USA in May this year, I turned off roaming, it would have cost a fortune, so only used it when we had wifi.Got back to UK, the phone would not recognise the EE sim, the network pages are greyed out, so am unable to alter anything.Tried a Giff gaff sim to see if that would unlock it, tried my wife's EE sim, neither worked.Yesterday, I put in a '3' payg sim to see if that would unlock it…nope, everything still greyed out, have taken it back to factory setting many many times.I am tired of the iPhone I am being forced to use, it is nowhere near as good as my Z2.I have just bought a used Z3 off Ebay in sheer desperation, it hasn't arrived yet, but will put an update on here when I have used it for a while, meanwhile, the iPhone will go on Ebay and I will use the Z2 for GPS and it's camera, if the Z3 is not as goodTo be continued……….

  2. guys.can you tell me what would be best?
    i have a choice of:
    xperia z2-xperia z3-lenovo zuk z2-xperia x-xperia m2
    and btw i care the most about:camera
    and speed
    pls pls pls help me i have the grand prime i love it but i think it is time for an upgrade