Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Battery Replacement | Teardown Guide

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to replace the battery of your Sony Xperia Z5 Compact by yourself. Below we have compiled a list of the tools and spare parts used by us.

All needed spare parts can be found in our webshop:


The repair is at your own risk!
We assume no liability for any possible damage to your device.

▬ Table of contents ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

1. Removing the back cover 01:03
2. Removing the middle cover 03:18
3. Removing the mainboard incl. battery 04:42
4. Removing the battery 07:06
5. Fixing the battery 08:20
6. Fixing the mainboard incl. battery 10:05
7. Fixing the middle cover 14:03
8. Fixing the back cover 14:54

▬ Used Tools ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Screwdriver Cross:
Plectrum tool:
Suction cup:
Heat gun (you can also use a conventional hairdryer)

▬ Required parts ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Not all parts listed below are needed if you just want to replace the battery. But they can also be changed as part of the repair and were therefore listed.

Camera (Front):
Volume button flex:

In our webshop ( you will also find a wide selection of other spare parts.

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On our YouTube channel “REPEDIA” we regularly publish repair instructions for various mobile phone, smartphone, and tablet models. We hope we can guide you through the repair of your device with our detailed step-by-step instructions. All our videos also contain references to used tools and needed spare parts. These parts are available in our online shop “STELLATECH”.

As an online retailer in the area of spare parts for mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, notebook & co., STELLATECH is particularly keen on motivating more people to repair their defective device (in place of buying a new one).

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  1. Hello. Thank you for the tutorial. I am going to replace a battery. I have a professional fan. What temperature should I set to soften the glue and not damage the phone?

  2. Thank you! Great detailed explanation. Followed it an everything* went great.

    *Everything except the adhesive strips under that battery. One went ping into a little ball of glue, the other broke leaving most under the battery with nothing left to grab, so very careful work with spatula was needed. Be really careful and gentle with these!

  3. Thank you so much for this video, I would order parts but you've sold out… Watch out at 4:15!! i damaged a mini inductor/resistor with my spudger getting in there; maybe i was a little rough but paid the price. It added 4 hours to my battery replacement trying to resolder it with my iron that's a size of a bus!! I ended up fitting a wire link in replacement and speaker now works -phew!!.

  4. I changed my battery with the help of this tutorial but unfortunately I accidentally damaged the flash light when reassembling, it got stuck underneath the motherboard, I didn't see it and I tightened the plastic strip over it and the light/flash got caught and snapped off but luckily my phone is still working with a new battery, and please remember to buy a genuine original sony battery, so many cheap rubbish ones on eBay

  5. Thanks a lot, your video was extremely useful. The only problem I had was disconnecting the NFC, which it turns out is unecessary provided you detach it from the battery before removine the frame. Take care pulling the adhesive strips out , one of mine broke off, so a thin blade was needed to complete the removal of the battery

  6. My z5 Xperia compact keeps switching off when battery is less than 70% but when I keep it plugged in to the charger it stays on, do u think I need a new battery and if so where do u recommend I buy the battery from?

  7. Thank you for the video very easy and plain steps to follow , I am now waiting for a new battery to arrive and I will follow your instructions on how to reassemble, my battery didn't have those two tabs on it it had double sided tape on it which separated quite easy, thanks a lot

  8. Thank you very much for the video. I have successfully changed the battery in my Z5, it took ages but I am sure without this video I would not have managed it at all. But if you are patient you can do it successfully!

  9. after seeing this, i decide to leave my z5c as it is (battery last half day. full day if i only use it t check mails, message, and youtube/instagram once or twice). better to buy new phone and leave this phone as secondary/audio player considering its current worth and risk. dang sony for making it this hard for just replacing battery 😒 this is like almost complete diassembling of a phone

  10. Thank you! I was able to replace my phone's battery and everything's working fine by following your video tutorial. I just realized that Sony made a stupid move in using double sided tape to stick the battery to the motherboard which made removing it very difficult if not impossible. They should've just use a locking mechanish to the battery and you can replace it easily.

  11. Hi! I can't seem to find any Z5 compact battery adhesive here in Indonesia, I could get it from ebay but the shipping cost would be too much and it would take a long time for the item to arrive, unfortunately I've ordered Battery, Back Cover and Back Cover adhesive locally and can't be refunded (I thought the battery came with the adhesive, silly me)

    Is there any other adhesive I could use? I can't seem to find "universal" battery adhesive but theres some Iphone adhesives available here (Iphone 5,6,7,8 adhesive are available) can I use that instead? Or am I better off not replacing the battery on my own and go to Sony Service Center instead? (Battery is swollen, I think charging port also need to be replaced, one speaker is very quiet, and microphone sometimes not working ._.)

    I'm so sorry for wall of text and terrible english, thank you so much in advance!

  12. i changed the battery exactly as shown but now the phone isn't powering on. it starts for about 1 second when i charge it but thats it. the only difference is that i used a different adhesive – does this affect anything?