Sony XZ1 Compact and Samsung S8+ Camera Comparison Test | Camera Distortion Test

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In this video, i will show you Sony xperia Xz1 Compact and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Camera Comparison Test, which one do you prefer?

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  1. Дякую за тест відео. Я впевнився, що Xiaomi A2 камера краще, ніж Sony XZ1, хоча тут було порівняння з Samsung S8+. Були сумніви, що купувати. Тепер впевнився, що вибір Xiaomi A2 був вірний. (Thank you for the video test. I'm sure the Xiaomi A2 camera is better than the Sony XZ1, although there was a comparison with the Samsung S8 +. There were doubts that to buy. Now I was convinced that the choice of Xiaomi A2 was correct.)

  2. S8 easy win. best sound amplified, the photos have best quality and details. Sony very contrasted and 3/4 of photos are blurry

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  3. I Think Samsung here clearly wins, i dont know why here so many comments are, that sony kills samsung….only look at the picture at 4:44, sony kills ysamung? I dont think so. And i have both phones at home, the stabilization on the galaxy S8 also is better.

  4. Why dont you use the intelligent active in stabilization mode. It is the default setting, right? I have no idea why you changed it.

  5. Dude you should have compared s8+ with XZ premium not xz1 compact! This is an intended mismatch review!!

    O well, the smaller xz1 compact is still better than the top of the line of the competition 😁

  6. It is a shame for Samsung which are using the dual lens to end up like this , actually most of the photos that showed by these smartphone are mostly equal , well there is a problem for Samsung with dual lens but still cannot compete XZ1 … Imagine if XZ1 also using dual lens on it , maybe it'll blow out Samsung easily .lol