SPEC WARS: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 6 2014: Hardware, Screen, Camera, Memory, etc.

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For the first episode of SPEC WARS, we will compare the galaxy s5 to the iphone 6 in a head to head hardware comparison to see which smartphone excels in ceratin categories (such as the memory, cpu, camera, screen, etc.)
Apple iPhone 6 Specs:
Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs:

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  1. Even though the iphone 6 has only 1 Gb ram it can still be compared with android ram of 2 to 3 gb of ram and iphone 6 processor and software don't use much batteries like android do so the Iphone 6 battery works fine too…. -_- and iphone 6 bends
    Sometimes the specs may differ alot but when you compare iphone with other android phone it will beat them

  2. Lmfao!!!! Y are u matching a the s5 to that peace of shit iphone 6 thats is no match as wee can see the s5 eats the shit of iphone ..really 8 meg camera u want to match the iPhone 6 go get a 2012 android phone …apple is way behind 😂😂

  3. how dafuq Apple released a mobile phone with such low specs?? are they taking the competition seriously? now we have Galaxy s5,  and soon Note4 ,Note Edge and maybe S6  will be released in some time.. Over the years, the gap of technology and surprises between Samsung and Apple is getting more visible and bigger to everyone.. even though Apple has only IPhone and the development of this only product of smart phones in their company is really weird! its not fancy anymore!!
     Man, even my S4 looks really better in all specs than this crap..

    Iphone user comes from nowhere : oh duuude, it still an Iphone and i love it .Duuuuh..

  4. I think you should mention the winner, in terms of hardware specifications, after the comparisons. The winner was quite clear this round but for future episodes it may help. Also to draw the episode to a close, it might be cool to mention any extra features of the devices, something that the other device does not have. I love the idea for the series! Keep it coming!

  5. Good to see you moving into the world of phones, not just computers. It's a good idea to have a large variety of videos, not limiting yourself.

  6. You also forgot things such as the S5 can remove the battery and replace it with ease.  However I do think what you should do is say what certain things mean, such as what the battery life is…  (I didn't understand the MAH) 😛