Speed Test iOS 14 Beta 4 vs iOS 13.6 (iOS 14 Public Beta 4)

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Great Qi charger (the one I use)

Just as most people thought that we were on a one week beta
release schedule, me included, Apple waited 13 almost 2 weeks
to release Beta 4. So I will not speculate when we will see
beta 5 this time. iOS 14 Beta 4 is still a beefy release
around 600MB for the 11 pro, smaller for other devices. So
hopefully that means it will include many bug fixes, and
performance improvements I hope. Remember that this is still
a beta, and much will (hopefully) improve going forward,
still minimum 3-5 beta releases to go before we will see
the final release.

iPhone SE 00:00
iPhone 6S 06:41
iPhone 7 12:19
iPhone 8 18:31
iPhone XR 24:37

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Track 02 : Bad Love
Track 02 : Your Love

Music by Niwel a french music producer.


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  1. Increase RAM, Apple. Why does it become a refresh when I come back to Safari after going to a translation app? If Steve Jobs had seen it, he would have been furious.

  2. I was thinking that the whole time I was watching the video. I was wondering WHY ALL THE BENCHMARKS ARE LOW? Might not be near as finished product as we speak. I'm expecting the final release to be bug free as possible. But you know how that goes. **sighs**

  3. Эпл продолжает намерено губить старые модели ПО. Твари. Остался на 13.1 на 7-ке

  4. Looking great for the Xr. It is getting faster each update. Software definitely taking advantage of the more advance 7nm chip of Xr. I believe what is well optimized for a13 will be well optimized for a12 too, since both have 7nm cpu.