Speed Test : iPhone 6S – iOS 12.0.1 vs iOS 12.0 (iOS 12.0.1 Build 16A404)

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iOS 12.0.1 was released yesterday October 8th 2018. It is a release I guess we all saw coming since the XS charge issue was reported. Besides fixing the XS charge issue it also fixes a 5Ghz wifi connection issue and the .?123 key issue on the iPad. If it also brings further performance improvements, that is very unlikely being a 0.1 release. But that is why you are watching this video, so lets get the testing on the way.

Conclusion :

More or less the same as iOS 12. But on the 5S it seems to boot faster, as well on the 6. But the faster the device gets the harder it is to notice. Benchmark results are faster / equal to that of iOS 12.
So all in all if you are on any version of iOS 11 or 12, this upgrade is
a no brainer.

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faster than non-subscribers. Now you know.


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  1. -27% заряда за пол часа игры на 6s 12.0.1
    ну что пацаны, давайте шутки про розетки и павербанки

  2. Still not doing it it’s not even for the iPhone 6 it’s meant for the X plus apple already admitted to slowing down older iPhones to encourage people to upgrade if may be fast now but see how well it keeps that speed after a few months