Speed Test : iPhone 6S – iOS 12.1 Beta 3 vs iOS 12.0.1 (Build 16B5077c) iOS 12.1 Public Beta 3

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iOS 12.1 Beta 3 has been released, exactly 7 days after the beta 2 release. Beta 2 killed a bug causing issues with some XS Max and XS iPhones, this issue was only just solved yesterday in the public release of iOS 12.0.1
What is new in Beta 3 is still somewhat unclear but it still has the 70+ new emoji’s that came in iOS 12.1 Beta 2, and maybe more
stuff will be found in iOS 12.1 Beta 3, time will tell. Beta 1+2 showed no performance improvement of significance, not a
surprise since iOS 12 was almost just launched. But lets check
to see if the last 7 days has brought more speed to iOS 12.1

Lets test !

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Jeremy Blake

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iOS 12.1 Beta 3 is more or less performing the same as iOS 12.0.1. A bit better performance on the 5S when looking at the benchmark results, but it is hit miss on all the other devices. It is great news however that iOS 12.1 does not look like it will degrade your performance if upgrading from iOS 11/12.


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  1. Just a word of advice: you should put the conclusion in the video instead of description, otherwise ppl will only read the description and not watch the whole video. The most interesting / juicy bits should be left in the video itself. For example, in a top 10 games video, sometimes I see the no.1 spot not being revealed in the description so ppl have incentive to watch the video till the end. It's a good tactic you know? Anyway, good channel!