Speed Test : iPhone 7 – iOS 12.1 Beta 1 vs iOS 12.0 (Build 16B5059d) Public Beta 1

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So just the day after the release of iOS 12, Apple release the first Beta of iOS 12.1. We saw hints of this release during the keynote as it was listed on some of the charts regarding WatchOS 5.1 and ECG tests.
So we knew it was coming. Since this is coming so shortly after iOS 12 I do not think Apples focus has been on more improvements. But hopefully they will not rest on their laurels but continue to improve iOS 12. For sure this channel will keep testing every release they put out, and hoping it will still get better.

Lets test !

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Jeremy Blake

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Conclusion :
As expected nothing has really changed in terms of speed vs iOS 12. Even if iOS 12.1 is a beta it does perform pretty good, and also it seems pretty bug free. I have still not noticed any errors or situations with 12.1. So if you are on iOS 12 you will not get any new features updating to iOS 12.1 (except group facetime).. So no need to run this beta, unless you want to be on the very newest all the time, like myself 🙂


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  1. Honestly the iPhone 7 is already a very capable phone so u wont really see any major differences, iOS 12 really shines on older 6s or below dovices. I was only paying attention to Battery life tho, seems to be the same as well.