Speed up iOS 11 on older iPhones (CNET How To)

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12 top iOS 11 features –
Don’t despair if your iPhone 5 or 6 isn’t as peppy as it used to be. These tips will help boost speed on the updated OS.

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  1. Nothing new to see here, Rehashing the same old speed up your iPhone tips. Very lazy CNET. If you have a 6s or newer that this isn’t that much of an issue but if you have a 6 or older then maybe it’s a little bit of an issue as those iPhones are kinda ancient, even by iPhone standards but they’ll still run better than an Android equivalent though.

  2. The best advice you can adopt regarding Apple under Tim Cook is never upgrade your software until you read about all the new problems with the new software and can make a personal decision as to whether or not you can live with the new problems and more complicated software.

  3. CNET forgot the last step… after you turn off literally every useful feature and delete all your apps, then you shouldn't forget to throw the phone in the trash to complete the process!

  4. Guys, whoever is using iphone 6, I have some advice for you. I just installed iOS 11.2 beta 3 and it's almost as smooth as iOS 10.3.3. Trust me on this, I've suffered enough since updating to iOS 11 and I don't want any of iphone 6 users to suffer the way I did. So far, this version is the closest thing to 10.3.3. Take my word for it, you won't regret.