SPEED UP Your iPhone On iOS 11 !!!

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Speed up your iPhone on iOS 11. Make you iOS 11 device faster with these tips & tricks. These simple iOS 11 tips and tricks should make your iOS 11 iPhone run faster.

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  1. Won't believe it but I have purchased the new iPhone x early lol Idk how but I was scrolling along Amazon and seen a iPhone x Clone Ordered it two days ago received today and was surprised it was the actual store showcase iPhone ?

  2. if you clear your iphone ram it will clear the memory of the apps in the appswitch and force them to reload when you open them
    (the 4 advise kill the first one)

  3. but i mean accroding apple the iphone x has the most durable glass, and also the first AR enabled, phone, and that they have been wanting to do such a display for the lass decade. So they clearly arent very reliable.

  4. that is absolutely untrue about closing apps. specific apps open actually cause me to have issues with bluetooth and slowdowns, this is verified even with complaints by customers in their app store reviews – its like you're saying 'adding gasoline to your car won't give you more miles'

  5. clearing data from safari doesn't make it run smoother, it can fix issues such as with logins being stuck but it won't make anything faster in fact it has to redownload a lot of data from scratch that was previously cached, so it can actually make several sites slower – this is demonstrable – you can do it yourself right now and prove me right.