Steve Jobs:Android versus the iPhone

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Steve Jobs talks about how the iPhone App store will provide centralized security to prevent hacking. Steve’s answer anticipates the problems with an open App system, such as Android. This was recorded prior to the launch of the iPhone App store.


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  1. I admire Apple being closed source to keep solid, however they have tightened that rope so tight that their consumers now see how uncustomizable they are. Windows and Android today have a ton of security protocol behind them and fully customizable to meet the customer needs. Apple is clearly deciding what we should like instead of giving us the liberty of what we really want. Case in point, iPhone OS with apps all over the homepage hasn't changed since the original iPhone was introduced.

  2. He could talk a lot of ? back in the day. The amount of times my old apple devices used to switch off by themselves and stopped working due to being inferior was what made me go over to Samsung. Never had any issues or dramas ever since. Go Samsung..go Android.

  3. That's one fight that only Apple cared about. All over YouTube you'd see videos of people trashing Apple, none of them mention that Android is very open and vulnerable. Also Windows, Facebook and Google has been known for compromising user privacy before (to NSA and FBI).
    The criticisms against new Apple devices are in some areas true, they are insanely expensive and close end. But if you care for privacy and good hardware you still have reasons to buy Apple devices.

  4. Steve you left us too soon, I never Owened an Apple product, but I do appreciate the changes that apple under Steve Jobs brought. Since Steve Jobs died apple took a different direction.

  5. Apple company need now a CEO like Steve. Tim gay fucked up the company since last 4-5 years launching the same shit iPhones no innovations not at all.

  6. This whole vid doesn't make sense. He didn't even say Android vs iPhone correctly. Android is a software, so it's iOS vs Android. How tf do this get 1.4 million views. YouTube is really stupid.

  7. I thought Steve was greedy, but Tim makes him look like Mother Theresa not to mention he was a genius in terms of products and design which Tim has no idea of.