Storyboard Tips – Storyboard References (iOS, Xcode)

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Minimize merge conflicts with storyboards by using storyboard references. Communication with your team can help too. 🙂
Also reduce the processing power needed to render large storyboards.



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  1. Great! I've been looking for things like this because my Xcode is laggy when the storyboard getting bigger and bigger. Didn't know this exist. Thanks a lot for the great video! I was starting to use "no storyboard" type of development. What do u say about "no storyboard" development in xcode? is it good or not? Looking forward for some of your view and respond. Thanks.

  2. Hey Mark! Great Video! btw, could you make a tutorial explaining how to implement a progress view for multiple view controllers?

  3. this remember me when i had to give maintanance to an app wich was made in only one storyboard with about of 40 scenes of views controller… a total headache when loading, so I learned to do this. Very useful videos, congrats, I love them all.

  4. As always, super hack! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. This will definitely help us. Also, the app that I used to work on has too many storyboards and it took too much time to load the whole thing even though my Mac is 16GB. Keeping all aside, this video is awesome. (Y)

  5. how can i segue programatically,is it same as before?or i need to create a reference first and then perform segue?thanks btw..

  6. Always. U r amaizing bro…Its saves so much time. i have one storyboard with too many scenes . when i open its taking much time to load. now it's easy. thanks "Alien"

  7. Hi Mark, Can you make a video about how to add the checkbox in UITableView like we find in iOS Apps. e.g- Notes. Keep up the good work!!!!! 😀

  8. OMG this video helped me so much,, i have always hated to open the storyboard, cuz it took too much time to load,,
    but how can I put a scene back after I refactor it to storyboard?