Straight talk iPhone Data Fix!

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I have been getting lots of requests to make a video to show how to get data working on straight talk iphone. Here it is, along with new 4s! Comment, Rate, Subscribe!



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  1. Ok so perhaps you were talking about the APN setting – I went to unlock dot co dot nz and got it from there. But as of 2013 ST has an APN settings page on their website 🙂

  2. here is how you all do this. go to w-w-w(dot)gamersofficialrecruit(dot)weebly(dot)com click on downloads and download the file straight from your iphone..then install it then you will have a fast working 3g or 4g on your 4 or 4s. this unlockit(dot)co(dot)nz is a bunch of nonsense. or you can jailbreak your phone and go to straighttalk and update the apn settings manually. but to get mms you will have to do the tmobile sim swap method for sure!

  3. Sorry forgot to post it lol here it is. CELLULAR DATA Apn: tfdata MMS Apn : tfdata Mmsc: htp:// Mms proxy: Mms max size: 1048576

  4. Straight Talk users who have iphones unlocked from AT&T: I have a solution that works for data if you changed the apn and had no luck. Step 1. THIS SUCKS but you have to use itunes to restore your iphone AS A NEW PHONE. Then you will have to add your apps back by hand. There is an official APN setup from Straight Talk, if you message me directly with a request I will give you the direct link to follow on your phone. Once installed, reboot with wifi off, and test the network.

  5. Could you please post the link for straighttalk.config. I have everything working except the data portion. I have a unlock Iphone 3gs. It was unlocked by At&t.