STUPIDITY ALERT: IOS 7 Waterproof Hoax

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Idiots destroy their iPhones after becoming convinced that updating their OS would make the phones waterproof.

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  1. duuuude, the ad for ios (some absurd number) said that my iphone would be safe from inferno, so i dropped my iphone in hell and it just disintegrated, not cool apple, not cool

  2. an app the smacks Anita sarkeesian up side the head every time you press the button. when you open the app its just a big pink button and when you press it a random hand smacks her upside the head…
    she'd be dead in 5 minutes

  3. Well, if the water isn't salty, and you get it all out of the phone before turning it back on, no damage will really be there.

  4. any idiot who thinks that a nap can affect the hardware and circuitry of a device needs to stick their head in a microwave because there was a new iPhone update that says that you can survive lethal doses of radiation if you had an iPhone

  5. How did people think a software made the device waterproof? This. This is why the other countries are better than ours. God damn, people, use your festering brains for a second.