Swift News #34 – Flexibility, iPad Pro, LSP, Lottie, ARKit & More!

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Swift News is all about curating this week’s latest news involving iOS Development and Swift. This week I discuss flexible work schedules, John Sundell’s iPad Pro wizardry, SourceKit-LSP, Lottie Editor, user on boarding, ARKit and more!

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Flexible work – 0:44
John Sundell iPad – 3:39
SourceKit-LSP – 5:30
Modern App – 6:33
Lottie Editor – 8:10
Onboard – 9:41
Journey – 11:30
AR – 16:24
LOL – 16:58

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Flexible Work Schedule:

John Sundell – iPad Pro:

SourceKit – LSP:

Modern App:

Lottie Editor:

My tutorial:


iOS Dev Journey:




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  1. Merch shelf also showing up in Germany. Great stuff as always Sean!

    50% from deep? Come on, gotta see some proof here…(e.g. your HomeCourt profile 🙂 )

  2. I totally agree with your opinion on the 'Flexibility' topic.
    I got an internship at a marketing agency and started with mobile at that time (in August). Because I tryharded a lot in my three months trial period, I am now allowed to do home office once a week.
    This really gives me the feeling of being appreciated.. And to give some of that back, I try to be as productive as I can on that day.

    I think giving an employee this type of freedom and trust is extremely beneficial for the internal relationships.

  3. Hey Sean I know you have a back catalogue of a million different youtube video ideas, but it would be awesome if you could go over storing basic data on a device. Many people starting out are confused about this topic with things like core data existing.

  4. Nice as always! Are you planning on doing videos on VIPER architecture in iOS. I've been reading about it and i know it's usually used for larger and more complicated apps rather than simple apps but it would be cool to introduce the concept and have a video about that too.

  5. I enjoyed the discussion about immersion. I really find it to be true that while initially many things you read, see and hear go over your head. Sticking with it with the knowledge that it's OK if you don't understand. Over time things begin to make more and more sense.