Switching from Android to iPhone in 2020 — The TRUTH!

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he era of switching from Android to iPhone is over…

But is it though?

Apple recently released a new iPhone SE that has all the power of an iPhone 11, a camera that can beat out the iPhone XR, Touch ID, and, yeah, a forehead and chin straight out of 2017, but at a price tag of just $399 in the U.S.

And it prompted a lot of reaction.

Even my pal, Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central, in an article still making the industry rounds, wrote that the cheapest iPhone has a more powerful processor than the most expensive Android phone

So, are people really happy with their choices and their ecosystems? Are they set in their ways and their current phones? Have they decided the grass never really gets any more green?

Or, are there frustrations that come up, new features that get added, security scandals that blow up, and new phones at new, lower, price points that… change everything again?

This… is switching from Android to iPhone in 2020.




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  1. both ecosystems are completely valids, it's all a matter of taste, is like trying to make someone who likes starbucks coffee, to buy a costa coffe, or someone who likes pepsi better than coke, stopy making a fight of it and everyone enjoy that we as consumers, have competition, by this, everyone has to make an effort to convince us (prices, characteristics, innovation, etc), peace

  2. I almost switched (curious) but tbh the iphone 11 pro max really doesn't seem that much different from the S10 plus , apparently the s10 plus has better battery life

  3. I recently got a Galaxy A20, simply because I'm on a budget. Not really liking this phone as much as my previous one's. Granted, I was using S7 and S8+ before this. I've been on Android since like 2011. The SE might just be my first iPhone. iMessage games and Facetime are the main reasons for me tbh? I love Android's customizability. I'd be lying if I say I won't be missing that.

  4. I went from an LG V20 to an iPhone 7 plus I it took some time but I finally understand why people love IOS so much and at this point in my life it makes much more sense than android at least for me anyway

  5. I've owned both, and a few more points in benchmark mean nothing to all the features android phones have, The SD 855 and 865 have more power than you'll ever need. android is still way better in almost every way not to mention constant innovation, can't wait to get my hands on the new galaxy tab s7 plus.

  6. iOS is like an on-off-relationship…everyone says : "once an iphone you'll never go back" … gone back some times…and switched back… currently on android again and im right on the way to switch again …

    maybe I just had too many mobiles….

    great vid btw

  7. I'm waiting on the iPhone 12 pro max to release. Im excited to try the iPhone out as a daily driver. I have always used Samsung since the s3. Im currently on the s10+…hope iphone is as hyped as its made out to be.

  8. My wife was a diehard Android user until she broke her S8+ and I had a spare iPhone available. She realized the simplicity of the iPhone and upgraded to the 11 Pro Max. I originally switched to iPhone when I was pissed and did a therapy purchase. I loved my Note 5 until my kid destroyed it, giving me the perfect reason to buy an iPhone 7+. Neither of us will ever switch back.

  9. I always carry 3 phones with me, one of them being an iphone, I dont think we haveeee to just stick to either Android or iOS. We can do both.

  10. I ordered an iPhone 8 Yesterday for just 200 pound. And Switching from an S9 Samsung, I did it because of mobile editing and music production. I Know the S9 is better my mum will love the upgrade from an A5. This is helpful:)

  11. The android ecosystem:
    Knockoff iPhone from Samsung
    Knockoff iPad from Amazon
    Headphone jacked headphones from Bose
    TV box from Roku
    Crappy Smartwatch from Motorola
    Virus infested laptop from Lenovo running Windows

  12. Well, I'll write about my experience.

    5.5y with WP/W10m switching to Android because MS platform only offered two options: cheap and very low end specs or quite expensive with full specs. Then I heard about a Chinese company made a phone well balanced with a super low price and with the plus of be on talk with MS to bring W10m to some devices! Make my choice and bought a mi 4C…but the project were never alive :c so I kept this Android phone and think "maybe this OS is no longer the horrible thing used to be". WRONG. Next year new device and tried a pure Android, mi A1 and, dear friend who's reading this, was the worst phone I ever had, and I'm 100% sure was for Android One. Sold that phone the fast I could and got back to MIUI, a Poco F1. Everything excellent but something bothers me a bit, overall size (I'm not a small human, 1.9m/6'2) but carring a mini tablet wasn't my ideal, so I decided to buy a secondary phone, first gen SE. I was totally in LOVE with the size (and the pink colour it had), never fan of apple design but this one was so comfortable to go around with, use only one hand for everything and quite capable…except for one thing called iOS, I don't want to extend more but sold the little one 3 week after buy it.

    The real issue here is, even I have a "not-so-big" phone now (mi 9T Pro), there is no options for people who doesn't want gigantic phones in Android at all, but then apple release this SE but iOS is horrible, but I'm really sick of carrying a phablet were there is no place in my car nor my pockets.

  13. isn't the iPhone SE at $399 the average price of a midrange android? and isn't The iPhone SE apple's midrange iPhone? And wasn't it just a year ago people switch to android?

  14. Was tempted to try iOS with the SE 2020…
    But no direct download and access to a file…
    No easy file transfer between devices without a software…add OTG to it as well..
    No torrent(legal files) download support…
    Dongle/converter mess…
    And there must be many more!
    Feeling of being chained even after spending a fortune on it…
    Made me stick to android

  15. Back and forth for years, the old Android phone were a pain in the ass, last year got Samsung note 9 it has been perfect. I think some Android phones have caught up to the quality of an iPhone.

  16. what about selecting the apps you want by default? can I use google maps with Siri? what about apple car play? can I choose to use google maps or I need to go with apple maps?

  17. The integration is the thing for me that makes iPhone sticky. I’m sure I could find apps to do Android / Laptop but with Apple I don’t need to think, it just all works. I love the fact that my iPhone 7 Plus is still fast and getting updates, my MB air 2012 is still fully functional (if getting very hot when pushed) and the latest iPad is an easy decision for the tablet space. There are downsides but at the moment still outweighed by the up.

  18. Good video and mostly agree

    But, the forehead and chin are actually from 2014

    And the pixel 4a is almost definitely a much better value

    I probably will upgrade to a 4a once my se 1st gen dies

    Always hated the design of the iphone 6-8-SE2 series

    The og se was timeless

    The xr is quite good, but is quite expensive here

    The SE2 itself is around $600 where I live

    No point getting a 11 for nearly $900 here with that low res lcd

    Hoping Apple reduces the prices here once local production starts

  19. What I dont understand about the SE and iPhone in general is most of the people don't use the amount of power the chip set comes with. Its so controlled that I dont think one could push it to the limit if they wanted to. Its like having a Ferrari you are forced to drive at 60 miles and never push beyond that unless you jailbreak it. Too much control for me. But for a day to day; seamless use. IPhone wins by a land slide.

  20. Apple sells you all a phone from 2017 in 2020 and you all can it innovation lol android has more variety and better features Samsung is the king of smartphones

  21. Rene, thanks for this video. I have had a couple of Apple hardware in the past (iPod & iPad) but never an iPhone. I love android & the Google_verse. The problem is Google has yet to make the perfect phone for me:
    ?At least 1080P display
    ?Brightness 300 nits or better
    ?Sc. Sz > 6.2"
    ?Ref. Rate 90 or higher
    ?RAM = 8 GB or higher
    ?I. Storage = 128 GB or higher
    ? Battery L. = 24h or longer
    ?Good camera (Pixel Level)
    ?Processor SD-735 or better
    ?Headphone jack (bonus)
    ?No bloatware.
    ?Security & OS updates monthly for at least 5 yrs.
    ?Price < $850
    Samsung makes good phones, but it's devices are pricey, come with annoying bloatware, and no timely updates.
    Anyway given the choice between the Pixel A4 & the iPhone SE, I am leaning towards the the A4 unless something better comes up within the next few weeks.

  22. I switched to iPhone this year. And switched intentionally to the older models. My go to is a 6s+. Inexpensive, works butter smooth and does everything I need. Five year old, bought used off Amazon and is faster than my best android phone. The android isn’t a flagship, but its hardware list is nothing to sneeze at. It has three Times the ram as the iPhone and a faster processor and the iPhone is still faster than it.