Switching from iPhone 7 Plus to Galaxy S8? Impossible?

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iPhone vs Galaxy S8! We see how group messaging, FaceTime, pictures and more are impacted when you pop the sim out of your iPhone for the S8. What do you guys think? iOS or Android?

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  1. Hey guys! Thanks for watching. I ultimately chose the S8 as my daily driver but ran into some issues along the way which I shared in this video.

    Response to frequent comments:
    – Definitely not here to "fanboy" over Apple nor am I paid by apple lol… that REALLY wouldn't make much sense since I ultimately ended of choosing the S8 as my daily driver.
    -Group chat was tough because the people around me all use imessage and do not want to use third party apps (ex. in group chat with family and parents that are 60+ and don't want anything to do with third party apps like whatsapp, duo,etc..)
    – There's a sim card in there lol. I have two, one for my daily driver and whatever phone I'm testing. I wouldn't lie to you guys.

    So relax, put your pitchforks away my android ppl and watch until the end of the video!

  2. Just switched from iPhone to Samsung s8. I bought the pink version and it looks gorgeous! Camera is amazing and I love the big screen. I love the look of the curve actually. Cons: You get the black frames on snapchat, snaps & stories from other people. I'll probably find more cons after using it more.

  3. if you've been apple user for forever and have been used to the apple interface or that pretty much of your life depends on the apple system (icloud, imessage, FaceTime) then it would be hard to make a switch, it wouldn't even make sense. if you're lucky and live in my country, communication isn't an issue because majority use (facebook) Messengger to communicate with people. this is coming from an Android user. android to apple switch will be pretty easy since many apps from Android are not exclusive for android. (google photos & drive for cloud and any messaging app) customizability i presume would be the only issue which is honestly pretty easy to get used to anyway because personally iOS already has a neat, clean interface. my opinion. i haven't thought about the other factors. what do you think?

  4. I enjoyed the review, but I personally don’t think it was a fair comparison for some things because they were exclusively iOS related and I know it’s your daily driver now, but it wasn’t reliable for me since the migration from iOS to android was so drastic

  5. I went to s7 from iPhone when it first came out and lasted a couple weeks before I went back. I’m now thinking of giving it another go just until prob the next iPhone comes out. The thing that’s stopping me is my Apple Watch. I’d miss it too much and I ain’t buying Samsung watch because I know I will eventually go back to iPhone.

  6. I had nexus devices since nexus s and used stock android until my nexus 6p died couple of days ago. Price of the pixel 2 xl forced me to buy iphone 7 plus… it will be interesting to try to stick to the ios… similar problems with android habits but so far i am overcoming these issues. Great video!

  7. It feels weird to leave apple, I've had kind of a love hate relationship with my iPhone but for me it's not all about having the apple symbol on the back of my phone anymore and spend so much more on a phone that doesn't even have more or better features than other phones ??

  8. Why is imessage so important? Even if you hate WhatsApp, everybody has a Facebook account or at least a google account these days. Why limit yourself to 1 restricted messenger app