Switching to Samsung Galaxy with Google Drive and Google Photos

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Thinking about a new phone? See how YouTube tech reviewer @UrAvgConsumer made the easy switch to Samsung Galaxy with Google Drive and Google Photos.

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  1. samsung great add. without the title i would have thought this was a google add. when will you start competing with software. you need better software and google needs competition.

  2. I just made the switch from Apple to Android, and I love my Note 8! I love Bixby, and how she can help me get ready for a meeting with a quick command! My Google Calendar has been integrated already, and that's been an enormous help.

  3. Samsung if you want to attract consumers, build a better messaging app. Also increase the basic phone storage and ram so your phones dont lag after a few months.

    Sincerely, a galaxy s8 owner.

  4. Samsung please stop comparing your self to apple. You are just a blessing to the world on your own so why compare to something that i also great? keep moving guys you are amazing ? Samsung ftw

  5. Hey Samsung, just thought you should give yourself some credit. 90% of the Youtubers I know says the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best smartphone of 2017. Just thought you should collect some of those clips when they say it and make it into one video. We all know the Note 7 was a disaster but it was only a MINOR setback for a MAJOR comeback. Congrats because you all did deserve it. But yeah I was just thinking since you all interact with your fans so much a nice video saying thank you would be a nice way to end 2017.

  6. Samsung I have to tell you this why did my phone Power itself off at 35% please tell me why this is a 4 year old phone that I'm using right now it's an S4 from you guys hits from u.s. cellular to