Switching to The iPhone XR!

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The iPhone XR just came out and I will be switching to using it for the next month. The iPhone XR is shaping up to be a great phone with a lower price point starting at $750, but still has an iPhone X style design. The iPhone XR also packs in an A12 processor, great camera, wide angle portrait mode, and the longest battery life on any iPhone ever! This might be the best iPhone Apple has ever made!

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  1. Man. I feel for ya. I used to be a huge apple fan. But if its such a great product, why feel the need to point out all the fantastic qualities? Why not let it speak for itself?

  2. This color looks like that Orange on a classic Lamborghini.
    To me, seeing in person the XS better display is significantly better. XR is fuzzyer and dimmer..720p is noticeable. If you don't care about hd display, then it ok and price difference is $250?

  3. Unbox Therapy clearly knows little about what he reviews. It's a shame that those 10+ mil subs are being shoved with false, biased info

  4. Wow Thx For Making This I Had Seen a Different Review Of The IPhone XR vs GS9 & The Guy Made The iPhone XR Look Bad…But Now That I Seen this Video & Others With So Much Positive Talk of The IPhone XR…I'm Saying Good Bye To Android & My GS9 & I Am Getting A IPhone XR For Sure

  5. Such a balanced and fair review. Yeah I agree with the other commenters. You definitely set yourself apart from the other guys who just jumped on the XR bashing bandwagon. Now who are the "sheep" ? ? I love my XR. (Subbed)

  6. Im done with samsung phones, once u lost ur password for google account, ur screwed, while apple saves u a trip! Hoping to get my iphone XR tomorrow woo

  7. Good stuff Gregs, I initially purchased the Xs Max and then got the Xr to compare. I actually liked the Xr so much, I kept it and returned the Xs Max. Saved $450 Xr 128gb vs 256 gb Xs Max. No doubt the XS Max has a bit better blacks and clarity, along with the telephoto lens, but not worth $450 to me vs Xr.

  8. I can’t believe the yellow one is sold out . Had to cop the coral one today but I’m so returning it , if they restock the yellow on soon . I’m so sad ! The yellow one was my fave !

    Sb : I have small hands and need a small hand . I feel dumb holding my 8 plus sometimes ??‍♀️