T-Mobile LG G7 ThinQ Raspberry Rose Unboxing & Impressions Tudia Cases / Video / Audio Samples

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Today I have for your my Unboxing of the LG G7 ThinQ from T-mobile in Raspberry Rose. I also have some cases from Tudia for you showing the Merge style of cases. hope you enjoy the video.

Such amazing sound from this device.

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  1. Here you are with another unboxing and I'm still trying to get a Whitestone Dome TGSP applied to my Pixel 2 XL. LOLOLOLOL Oh, I finally got it applied!!

  2. That tudia black case is the one I liked, I also don't mind the color.

    I heard about that swappa service, looks like it really work to save some money, sky nothing like that here.
    Nice unboxing, video liked.

  3. Nice man. I do like my G7 alot. The only thing I'm on the negative side with is the battery life. Average getting thru a day but early evening I have to charge. Otherwise I like it alot. The rumor is the V40 will have that bigger battery, bigger form factor, notch and 5 cameras with improved software. If that's true then sign me up!! Good video TK!!

  4. Does the feature with the boombox work with a case on and laying it on the table
    Without the case it uses the surface to amplify the sound
    Just wondered if it still works with the case on