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Hello everyone! In this video, I show you how I take notes for university using my new 2018 ipad!

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  1. Nice video! I really enjoyed it!?
    I am so lost… I’m going to university in September and I don’t know if I am supposed to buy a Mac Book pro or the new iPad to take notes like this… in France, classes are so so quick in university, so I don’t think that using an iPad like this would be a good idea, because you are witing with your hand basically….. do you have any tip or advice for me? Thanks a lot for this video! ☺️

  2. do you have a special screen protector to have more resistance when writing? my handwriting looks worse when i write on my ipad pro because the surface is so smooth :/

  3. great video! i just bought this new iPad and i'm willing to buy the apple pencil to take notes just like you. however, I watched some videos on youtube that said the screen of this Ipad is not laminated (there's a small gap between the glass and the pixels). did this bothered you?

  4. Is Apple or Goodnotes just sponsoring the heck out of everyone because everybody is switching to writing or journaling on the iPad.

  5. I love using my iPad to take notes. May I recommend you turn your iPad down side up… that way, while you are writing, you don’t accidentally hit the home button. ?
    I love your channel!

    Bom trabalho!!!!

  6. Notabilty is good for like pdf and being able to write on them and it does go up and down. Its good just personally i like the goodnotes i like how i write on their better than notabilty gives me more options. Notabilty is also a little more expensive but just by 3 or 4 dollars. Both do get the job done and their very effective.

  7. Take a look at Tom Solid on YouTube. He does great comparisons and reviews on note taking apps with iPad and Apple Pencil. His website has side by side comparisons in order to help you choose which app is best suited for your needs. Highly recommended.
    Beijinhos de Portugal ??. ?

  8. For those (like me) who love Goodnotes but have a Microsoft program and not Apple, a great alternative is MetaMoji Note Premium.

  9. Okay lets be honest here,Ipad is a good tablet we know that
    but we really don't need this "How to do everything on ipad" videos,when i practically did this stuff on my old android note tablet. So its not something exclusive to ipad only.
    Titles should be more wisley chosen for example "Is this ipad good for note taking-?" is a more realistic and appealing title.

  10. Unfortunately few days before they launched ipad Pro I got my ipad air 2 :(( now I can't find a stylus that works as good as apple pencil because I'm very peculiar about handwriting