Ten iOS 10 Performance and Battery Saving Tips

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hey, guys, this is Rex with Apple Toolbox and in this video, I’m going through 10
performance and battery saving tips for iOS 10 if you’re using an older model
iPhone updating to the newest software can sometimes cause performance and
battery issues of course even if you’re planning to upgrade to the new iPhone 7
or 7 plus these tips will be helpful too so first for a few performance tips
there may not be a better tip for speeding up your iPhone than freeing up
space if the storage on your device is filled up it will cause your iPhone to
run slower there are plenty of options to clear things up but here are a few of
the best first off you can go to settings general storage and I Cloud
usage and then manage storage here you can see which apps are taking up the
most space that how much storage space is left photos and videos you’ve
captured on your iPhone are usually the largest storage hogs go to settings then
scroll down to photos and make sure you have optimized iPhone storage turned on
this will keep your iPhone from filling up with photos and videos some phone
apps and games can take up lots of storage space as well so if you have
apps and games you never use it’s a good the idea to delete them off your iPhone and
an iOS 10 you can even delete those pesky built-in apps like weather compass
stocks calendar and so on that you never use iOS 10 has a lot of fancy animations
which older iPhone models can have the trouble with and cause some lag you can
easily turn these off in the settings app by going to General accessibility
then tap on reduce motion and turn the feature on turning reduce motion on stop
certain kinds of you I animations from eating up unnecessary resources that can
slow down your iPhone now these next few tips will help with both speed and battery usage next up is disabling location services depending on how many apps you have actively checking
your location this can be a shot in the arm for your phone’s battery life you
can find this option by going to the Settings app scrolling down to the
privacy section and then to location services to completely disable location
services simply toggle the switch off if you depend on certain apps to provide
you location data you can always go through this one by one and turn off
location services individually select the apps you don’t want tracking your
location and then select some iPhone apps are infamous for draining
the battery in the background so it’s nice to have their background activity turned
off however many apps you may depend on decision notifications or provide data
will be disabled when the background app refresh is turned off for example you
may use a third-party calendar app if low power mode is turned on you will not
receive any notifications from that app informing you of your next meetings
thankfully you can manually turn off background refresh for only certain apps
to do this go to settings general then background app refresh and here you have
the option to disable all background activity or turn off only those which
you don’t need Apple has slid a really useful new battery saving feature into
iOS 10 label battery life suggestions the feature suggests ways that you can
maximize your iPhone battery usage it will appear automatically in the battery
section of the Settings app to get there hit the Settings app and then scroll
down to battery now suggestions vary depending on your usage patterns and
your iPhone’s current settings for example if you have the brightness
cranked all the way up chances are you will get a recommendation to reduce your
iPhone’s brightness as you can see these get listed below the new battery life
suggestions heading the feature is pretty straightforward
and it’s a nice way to see some ways you can reduce battery usage specifically
tailored to your individual device of the course just below the new battery life
suggestions feature is the usage utility that shows you exactly which apps and
services are using the most battery if you tap on the clock icon you can see
exactly how much time each app has been active on screen and in the background
you can also switch back and forth between the last 24 hours of battery
usage and the last 7 days if I notice my battery life isn’t holding up as well as
usual this is the first place I go usually, I’ll find an app that’s been in
use in the background that I wasn’t aware of to give you anexample the
Facebook app is notorious for acting up in the background, if you notice an app
like that would say four percent on screen and forty percent background time
it’s a sign something has gone wrong if you notice this you can force quit the
rogue app from the app switcher and this should get your power consumption back
to normal now


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  1. Hello first thank you very much for this video is very helpful,
    the option settings- General- background App refresh , if you have the option battery low consume ON this option is automatically deactivated .