The $100 "WELCOME" P20 Pro Phone (Huawei P20 Pro Clone) Unboxing & Review – DO NOT BUY!

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(For Entertainment purposes only – and for science. Since I had a play around with the real deal, I felt it was necessary to get one of these things to see what the deal is)

The real deal is what you want. Go look at the specs for it here:

This phone has been doing it’s rounds on eBay, DHGate, Wish etc and I thought I should grab one and see if it’s really what it says it is.
Spoiler – turns out it isn’t. Very disappointed.

Please feel free to share this video to let people know that what is being advertised for these phones (Octa Core, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM etc) are COMPLETELY FALSE!

If you have purchased one on eBay etc, please open a dispute and get your money back. You are not paying for what is advertised.

Anyways, teardown video will be linked here (and carded).

(I know people don’t ask for Tech stuff, but this is more of a PSA to anyone who wants to buy this phone but isn’t sure)

(And another note, the image at the end is of a REAL P20 Pro, and then under I have “Do not buy this phone”, I am referring to the phone I reviewed of course. The ACTUAL P20 Pro is an awesome phone – considering getting one to be honest :D)

Be good people alright!
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  1. To anyone who has purchased this phone (Or is going to and wanted a second opinion):
    Contact whoever you bought it from and ask to get a full refund. Do not return the device. If you do, the seller will just repackage it and move it on again.
    Try and stop these sellers from selling a product that has false specifications listed.
    If you want to see for yourself if the phone has false specs, go to the Play Store and download –
    AnTuTu (This will likely show false specs)
    Geekbench – Use this to benchmark the phone and compare the scores with other devices with the same specs.
    And any other CPU/Device Identifier.
    Please respond to this comment about your experience with the phone or if you had plans to buy it (Which you shouldn't)

    Good luck everyone. Sellers are making a ton of money off these heap of junk phones. Share the video around and spread the word!

  2. Additional info on the bloatware: After using this phone a week or so it starts installing apps at random and will start showing you ads and if you install a firewall (which will not work very well on this device,…) then you will see that there is traffic all the time.
    Enabling developer mode and sending a bug report to yourself will reveal some packages inside that you can just google up to be malware.

  3. I got it from a private person on ebay that seemed to get rid of it as well.
    Actually don't wanna piss of that person because (s)he did state it was not from Huawei.

    Looking for someone that has this model and put Lineage OS on it.

  4. Not to sound like a dickhead, but just to let people know, I have a real P20 Pro, and it’s worth the money, it’s a great phone if you are interested in it 😄

  5. I had a few issues buying a phone thru eBay but I still kept looking for a good deal I had the Blu Vivo xi+ but it was stolen on Nov. 24th 2018. I was going to return it since I found a few places that sold it for $280-$400. This past January I happened to be searching for something else and saw some adds for smartphones, I wanted the phone I buy to have the charging port at the bottom and in the middle, I learned that putting a Qi universal receiver into an Android phone the wireless chargers will charge . After the hell of getting a BLU Pure XL to work as it quit charging, on a Friday I needed to get my phone charged not sure what the real problem was I was on the hunt for a tech that could fix the problem , well at 4pm I got a call back from a tech few blocks up the road Techtronics, I was told that he knew twhat the problem is and had the charging port in hand to replace it, that if I got there no later than 4pm I can pick it up no later than 6:30pm for $40.00. I went to pick it up the store manager said the tech could not repair it, I was not surprised, I already felt the guy wouldn't only because it was still under warranty I didn't open up the back to see if parts were missing, I researched for a way to charge the batteries since my type phone had failed every owner and had no clue on how to remedy this problem. I was really frustrated that I failed to see the warranty on the phone if I had I would not have bought it. Thats why the life of the battery good for 6mos and the warranty covers the battery for only 6 mos. .I was driven to find a way to change it for those who have a working phone having an option that will work. I asked Blu Corp. if they worked with wireless the lady said no , well I decided to find out for my self. I received all the info. regarding wireless receivers and chargers by asking Qi rep for all the links possible to do my own research. After a few months I purchased the receiver and a real good universal charger. I placed it on my phone and I saw the light turn on but then it quit. Turns out that tech desoldered all the pins off the usb charging port but left it hanging by a thread as it fell to the floor after opening the back cover. I was finally able to prove that the phone will accept the receiver allowing it to charge from the wireless charger. It works on most phone I tested alot of them as long as the usb port was located the botom of phone directly in the middle.
    I saw the same a similar ad, the phone was the HomTom S9 for $92.00 the description of that phone was like the HomTom S9 + I figured the guy meant that just failed to place the + the description (stats) on the sellers link made no sense they don't make any cell battery 6180 mAh I asked him where he got the stats and told him I looked for the device elsewhere , he replied I should be looking at what I paid for. I was tired went to sleep for a few hours woke up and realized the like was deliberate I knew of the HOMTOM S9 + I then realized I'd better contact the seller so I sent email asked him not to ship and that I would find something else he might have and would pay what ever more I had to but DON'T SHIP me anything other than what he had listed I will not accept any 2g 3g phone or anything less than I paid for. He immediately replied that it already shipped so I called eBay I eplained the situation and said I'd refuse to accept it, I will return it. I knew this guy lied about everything so I emailed that I will return item, and bought a Blu Pure X it works great don't worry about the charging port I use the wireless charger. That box you opened was the same type of box I received the phone looked ok read the little book inside since I saw that the only way to get back cover off is to use heat gun but I know better I called eBay explained my situation, well the seller after reading eBays email to him that I request return ship'g label , he replied how sorry he was to hear i don't like it and would I accept him resending new phone to keep the one I have. I said not unless you plan on shipping the phone listed . Well he sends reply that he's happy to hear me accept that the phone was airmailed be patient it will take 30-45 days maybe longer he was making it easy to see his game so I called eBay told a rep that because this guy shipped out a phone not listed after I asked him not to and now wants to lie that he shipped another but had nothing to prove he did since the phones probably cost $12.00 ea I request a full refund immediately and will not return the cheap phone to give him more time to come up with excuses so that he can keep my money, and that I know after visiting HomTom Corp . I asked if they have a phone called HomTom s9 that have the same stats as the Homtom S9+ no was their reply there is a S99 but display is 5.5 so since the seller that sold me a phone the he wanted to rid of posted it as a better phone to lure me in when he got nervous as I didn't fall for any BS said as soon as I return the phone and gave me an address in China to ship to because these are eBays rules and his company then he will give full refund. I replied NO I will not let you play me I asked eBay to step in if they ask me pay to return it that won't happen, I don't trust you you will pretend there is a problem with the phone and will just disappear with my money, the guy handling it said he will close the dispute now on my behalf will refund the money now so I will have it within 48 hrs but you'll see it by morning tomorrow. I had Check & test give me report after testing phone . under Root they have codes so thats how they got the stats to read as you told on video..I decided to root it for something to play with…

  6. I just got the phone today, and thanks to your review I proceeded to test mine. And sure enough, EVERYTHING is a sham. From memory and storage that are only 1GB and 8GB respectably, to the screen resolution that is 960 x 480, to the cameras that are 5 MP each (with only one rear camera – Not 3), to the micro USB port, not USB-C, to the hacked version of Android (with a mysterious pre setup user) – Nothing seems as advertised.

    I have initiated the process of getting my money back, and I will call EBay to make sure this seller is taken offline. Thank you for exposing this sham.

  7. Thanks for the informative review. Too bad I didn't see it before I picked it up for $95 CAD. I will run the diagnostic programs you did and if I get the same results, I will contact the vendor and threaten to return it – This time they are supposedly based in Canada, so I will have no problem shipping it back for a refund. Then again, I know a 7-year old who would love his own, albeit crappy smartphone.