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EP. #569 – THE $1,000 IPHONE X COSTS APPLE $370 TO MAKE…
A teardown of the iPhone X reveals that it costs Apple $370 in parts to make the device that it sells for $1,000+
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Hosted by: Jon Prosser
Edited by: Brian Shoop
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  1. Wow a company’s product costs less to produce than they sell it for. Wow shame on you apple. You seem to forget the s8 and note 8 have very close to the same profit margin for Samsung.

  2. Don’t forget the millions spent on r&d for this phone. Like the first iPhone cost 600 and the 3g cost 300. Everyone seems to ignore the fact that Apple is a company and has people to pay and they also have to make money to stay alive just like every other fucking company.

  3. When talking about Apple's face ID technology the physical Hardware's existed almost 20 years it's not innovative because industry has used it In Milling machines for years. When a company needed to make a new part from an old part that no longer manufactured. They would use a special machine with the same technology that they would put the old part into this machine and it makes hundreds of thousands of measurements and even Millions if necessary for precision applications of laser measurements and then is able to duplicate the old part. However the part that is revolutionary is the software that Maps the face sure that took some software modifications that had to be made for that to actually work. That's why the part only cost $16 because it is actually old technology. Everything that Apple brings out is actually old technology it's used in government industry in businesses first because of The Upfront cost of implementation. Everybody talks about the cloud today like it's only existed a couple years ago. Working in the industry I know of companies who had cloud technology in the mid-80s. The first microprocessor manufactured was used by the military in the F-14 Tomcat aircraft called MP 944 it was manufactured in 1970 it is the high cost of implementation of this technology that kept it out of the hands of most average people but cost do come down.

  4. The direct price of manufacturing the Iphone X doesn't even begin to touch the end cost. Keep in mind…
    1) Import fees, labor costs
    2) The cost to develop both the physical phone, and iOS.
    3) The cut that retailers take, which is often quite a large percentage.

    And when all is said and done, Apply must still pay taxes, employee salaries, and many other operational costs. So no, you aren't being ripped off. And on top of that, of course they're going to make a profit. They aren't a charity.

  5. Usually, on any business, the retail price of an item to the public equals the production cost of that item multiplied by 3. That means that if the cost of manufacturing the iphone is $370, apple should sell it at $1.170. 1/3 of the final price pays the cost of manufacturing it, 1/3 pays salaries and marketing, and the final 1/3 is for investing in new tech so the business can grow. And this is true on anything you buy, from clothes to cars.

  6. That sounds about right for pricing the iphone? If you double it it would be 700 because selling at cost they wont get profit. The marketing and tariff should be about 300 bucks per phone, making it a grand…. so like are you guys dumb? Im still not buy pricy peices of crap and buy a galaxy that samsung might have costed them to make 100 bucks but like I give up. But I pay my bill on time and amazing credit and will get yhat galaxy for 400 bucks or less.

  7. This dude literally brainwashed people into believing this crap…. every fucking business does this, from cars,clothes food, etc and yet they say apple is bad for ripping people off. Piss off..Just another click bait for fandroids and apple haters