The Android Hell Blues – [feat. The Stupendium]

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The full music-video for The Android Hell Blues.
Written and performed by Gregory Holgate [The Stupendium]

Composed and produced by Harry Callaghan

Meet The Cores 3 –
Meet The Cores is an animated Portal series that takes a deeper look into the mechanical denizens of the Aperture Science research facility.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to The Stupendium for writing and performing this song in his own time, and allowing it to be used in Meet The Cores! He absolutely nailed it. =D

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There’s a place you may have heard of,
It’s a tale we like to tell!
When folks whose code ain’t up to code…
They go to Android Hell!
Now the devil is found deep underground,
So, any faith will yell!
Well Aperture happens to be ten miles down,
Half-way to Android Hell.

So when those lemons that life gives you…
Just combust to dust and fumes.
Buddy, life may give you lemons…
But we got oranges and blues!
Oh they gave us cores emotions!
But that doesn’t gel at all…
Because all I feel’s repulsion…
And I’m bouncing off the walls!

And each chamber full of dangers that we force upon a stranger,
To test their feeble brains or brawn…
Is nothing to the test if whether rust or boredom gets us,
What’s it matter what side of the glass we’re on?
So may your management-rail guide you…
To a better place some day!
Although technically they’re omni-directional…
We know they all just lead one way!
So be you core, bot, cube or turret.
Treat this Aperture factory well!
‘cause there’s a worse fate awaitin’ as your soul’s emancipated by the grills of Android Hell!


Now my baby, she up and left me!
Told me I was just a square…
I said, darlin’ we’re both spherical!
She said she wasn’t programmed to care!
Oh yes, the life down here’s a hard one…
Not just because of acid-lakes!
Since my first day, had about a thousand birthdays.
I still ain’t seen no cake!

Yes it’s a hard life lived for that hard-light bridge…
To that rail-track in the sky!
But there’s no mistaking it’s a fall you will be taking,
Cake is not this place’s only lie!
So when the floor gives way to ceiling…
But your back is against the wall…
In a loop that keeps repeating…
Who can say how far you’ll fall?
Now you’ve heard tell of Android Hell…
But you’ve got naught to fear.
We all live in her chambers.
We’re all already here…


August Loolam [Rantis]

Enhanced Core & Turret animation rigs

Harry Callaghan
Animation | Lighting | Editing | Audio Design | Mixing | Scene Design | Texture Design | Music

Animated and rendered with Source Filmmaker.
Music made with Propellerhead Reason 8.
Additional editing and visual-effects with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
Audio design in Propellerhead Reason 8 and Celemony Melodyne Studio.
2D and texture design in Adobe Photoshop.

Portal is owned by Valve.


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  1. I absolutely love this song…
    Okay fine, maybe I'm addicted…
    So what, I've listened to it while singing wearing a fedora I bought just for that reason(that actually happened) at least 25 times-Go ahead, Sue me(don't)!

  2. Hello, I think Im here a little late, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this, Im sure It's the best animation + song I have ever seen. The lighting and the song and the voice… Its just so perfect. Im sure some famous film directors could try to do this and their's wouldnt be as good as this. Sorry for my bad english but I just wanted to say it because it's turned into my favourite video on all YouTube