The Best Moba! | Garena Mobile arena Android IOS MOBA Gameplay and apk

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Ok This time I played Garena MOBA game This game really have cool graphic bro. This is the best graphic moba i ever seen on mobile!!

Game download : 890mb
Ram min 2gb
proc min low Quality snap dragon 400 series, High Quality SD 650 820 821 825 830 835
Status : Release

Game download android playstore ( Indo ):
Garena MOBA ROV ( ENg ) :

Apk Garena moba INDO :

Update week 3 broh :

1. NOX best 3D HD RPG :
2. AREAL ( 3D graphic anime rpg ) :
3. Finaly Shadow Fight 3 ( 3D best Fighting ) :
4. Legend of glory (Unreal engine 4 or not? ) :
5. My High spec phone test Ultra Combat squad ( unreal engine 4 ) :
6. Super Sexy Legend of swordman :
7. World of prandis ( new beta mmorpg openworld ) :
8. Android offline mmorpg IESABEL 3D HD :
9. Amazing game Thirten soul martial arts :
10. Chaos master the best graphic rpg this week :

Thanks a lot bruh 🙂 keep update


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  1. Mles bro, game bagus tp org indo mah bnyk yg sok pro ? game gratis doang pd sok pro heran guaa ma org indo bro ? pdhl moba ya gtu2 ja ? bro ente main jgn ndesah napa

  2. main rank, jadi fooder, dikatain tai, anjing, noob, bocah, afk, suruh liat peta kalau main, bodoh semua loe, tank noob, goblok loe semua, apa lagi? pokok ya mantap nih game Indonesia banget player ya wkwkwkwkw

    tips ya kalau dikatain kayak gini bilang aja "afk deh gue" gue jamin perang chat wkwkwkwkw