The best parts of iOS 11 on iPhone

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A look at iOS public beta on the iPhone, which is full of little surprises.

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  1. like the record and mark up feature user flow, and customizing the control center menu/shortcutting. That could possibly mean less tech support help for people turning Bluetooth on/off accidentally. Not sure why stock Android only did a half assed job at the pull down menu. Having scan in the camera app is a good idea… Android should integrate the Google drive scan into camera too, but I'm looking forward to Google lens. one thing that would make control center more useful is to be able to save/share layout.

  2. Its know wonder the iPhone 8's set to be the biggest phone release in history as with iOS 11 installed and the new features Apple always brings with each new iPhone its gonna be mind blowing. ?

  3. I am glad I am a developer I have had the beta for over a month heheh and will get the final verison before the public do hehe.

  4. i remember when Apple lead now they follow. Not buying another apple device till they have touch screen running Os X. love my Surface Pro 4. Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave.

  5. they are finally doing what android has for years lol. i remember sheeps was talking how multi-window is useless now its in ios, but only for ipad. their iphones cant handle it

  6. it’s an apple video, if you’re an android fanboy, just don’t watch it…you don’t own an apple device so you shouldn’t care